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Slightly OT but this product is GREAT for cat box's

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I'm sorry for being a little off topic but I had to tell SOMEBODY.

We have 2 cats that have cat box's in the basement and while it's not STINKY, you can tell there are box's.

In the USA today several weeks ago the was an article about new flourecent lights that are coated with titanium dioxide and basically ZAP all bad things out of the air.

Two of us at work purchased the lights (she has 12 cats) and got them in the mail. I installed one in the basement - burning 24 hours a day it'll las 1 year.

We got home and wife went to the basement to clean said box's. I call down to ask what it smelled like. There was a pause and she yells back . . FRESH! unbelieving I went down and, you know? it did!!

Two days later friend got her lights and I asked the the next day what she thought. She said she ordered 4 more - THEY WORK!!

I do not work for these guys but I ordered a few more - one for my mom that smokes.

Check them out -
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I just marked the site - something like that would be perfect for my mom (pets and asthma) or for me (hay fever and a smoker). I only smoke in the kitchen with the window open, and we have an air filter in there, but the light wouldn't hurt. Thanks for the tip!
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Thanks, I marked the site and sent it to a friend.
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From what I have read the light works like an ionizer but instead of collecting the particles and burns them on contact - perfect of dust, hay fevor, smoker and so forth. Including kitty stink.

A little expensive but worth it in the long run - AND the 25 watt lights are BRIGHT!!
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I'm thinking about this for my bathroom which has the cat boxes & is rather small, but I have 1 question. Does the bulb get hot to the touch? The only place I have to put it in the bathroom is the outlet & that is next to the sink where my kitties like to sit. The light fixture in my bathroom has like 4 bulbs in it & I wouldn't want to leave them all on all day.
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Thanks for the tip!! Definitely sounds worthwhile to look into getting over here too.
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I have the site bookmarked, that really looks interesting.
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I was checking out the product and comparable products. There is another company that offers basically the same product for a fraction of the cost. Here's the link:
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Oh MY - THAT is actually the lights I have. The expensive ones are full spectrum the Fresh2 are not but they workk great.

I'm very very sorry - I have the Fresh2 lights
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Here is a USA Today article on the lights:
A new light bulb goes on — and those household odors disappear
By Joyce Cohen, Special for USA TODAY

Denise Hauser thought something smelled fishy when she heard about a new light bulb that purports to rid the air of foul odors.

She tested it out on a problem in her home — in the basement utility room, where two litter boxes serve the family's two cats. "You can always tell there is a litter box, even though you clean it," says Hauser, a nurse in Cleveland.

But she sensed a change in the air when she turned on the odor-expunging bulb — a brand-new kind of fluorescent bulb with a coating of titanium dioxide. The "lingering odor" vanished, she says. "I'm impressed."

Impressed she may be, but scientists are not surprised. Since 1970, they have known that titanium dioxide interacts with short-wavelength light to eliminate organic odor-causing compounds.

Now, manufacturers are employing this knowledge in two bulbs that work to clear the air of odors, whether from smoking, cooking, diapers or smelly pets.

Both bulbs — Ozonelite ( and Fresh2 ( — are compact fluorescents coated with titanium dioxide, a powder form of the mineral titanium. The cost: $40 for Ozonelite's 23-watt bulb (equivalent to 100-watt incandescent); $20 for two 23-watt Fresh2 bulbs.

Demand for ways to freshen the air is enormous. In the USA, spending on air-freshening sprays, solids, plug-ins and candles jumped from $2.5 billion in 1998 to $3.4 billion in 2003, reports Mintel, a research firm in Chicago. Mintel predicts that spending will grow about 25% over the next five years.

"There's a huge market of people wanting to control odors, especially when they can't control the source," such as smoking or cooking smells, says Tom Yacobellis of the Indoor Air Quality Association. "Even a vinyl shower curtain has obnoxious odors associated with it."

converting odors, which are organic compounds, into harmless carbon dioxide and water. The smelly substance is destroyed "as though you'd burned it," says Daniel Blake, a scientist at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colo.

How well the bulb works depends on several factors, including room size and the concentration of the smell.

It won't work inside a closed fixture — the fetid air must touch the bulb's surface. Nor will it be very effective on a source that continually generates odors, such as a leaky pipe that feeds mold.

What about pet urine on the carpet? Says Yacobellis: "That odor might never go away."
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OK, after seeing the cheaper lights I can afford to buy 2 packs & put those in my bathroom. I looked & my light fixture has 3 lights in it.
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About time these lights got released into the market!!!

I've been reading about them when they were in R&D stage.

Now, any plans to release these lights in Australia?

Or maybe I've been living under a rock and not noticed their release in Australia.....hmmmm...
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darn, they don't sell in Canada :*(
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Is there a minimal amount of time the light bulb should be turned on in order to be effective? I don't plan to leave the light bulb turned on 24 hours a day. Would 4-6 hours be a sufficient amount of time to help eliminate odors?
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I too used the Ozonelites and noticed and immediate and huge difference!!! For years my home smelled of kitty litter odors and it was embarrassing. The way my townhouse is, the litter was off the front foyer and near the dining the room. Everything I tried failed to work. Then, this! Just an awesome and easy change. According to the web site the Ozonelites also kill germs which is great for me since my boyfriend is prone to getting bronchitis and I have allergies too. I also noticed WAY LESS DUST. Apparently the ozonelites don't just get rid of smell like Fresh2 but also clear the air as well.

So, Add my BIG YES Vote to this list. I only have 2 kitties, but their primary job seems to be eating and, well, making good use of the litter pan (which is the automatic one with the rake)
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Originally Posted by Aussie_Dog
darn, they don't sell in Canada :*(
you can get them off the internet "" or -- or call them and they'll ship.... let me know if that works.
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Originally Posted by Aussie_Dog
darn, they don't sell in Canada :*(
I think if you call their toll-free number 1-866-373-7429 they can take Canadian orders over the phone.

We use these in the laundry room for the cats and...WOW! What a difference!!
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They need to release them in the UK as well!
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Yeh, we need them in the UK. I will keep a look out for them coming on the market here.
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I got this message from the company president in my e-mail yesterday...\t
Per your question, I will be live on the The Shopping Channel - Canada on Friday May 21 featuring the OZONELite. It is scheduled to air in three 15 minute spots at 5 PM, 9PM and 12 midnight. It can be seen on air in Canada or through live video stream on there web site - upper right hand corner of their home page:

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