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There's a first for everything

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My goodness, you bring out some Herring snacks and it's amazing how many cats you can get into one picture. I wish I could have gotten all of them, but this is amazing in itself
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Told you they would like those little ferret treats! It's a great picture!
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Oh Sandie!!!!...Too cute :LOL:
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This is sooooooooooooo cute! Thanks
so much for sharing a great picture! It reminds
me when you see kids at the playground at the slides
(I wanna turn!) and then you have to tell them to
stand in line! It looks like they are standing in
line to get up the cat tree
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Thanks Sandie!! :LOL: That was great! :LOL:
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Thats a neat pic. Thanks for sharing.

Love that tree too.
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What a bunch - how many didn't make it into the pic?
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Ahhhh,cats will do anything for a treat,its a lovely picture Sandie
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Debra, I was missing 5 of them. Sammy& Ariel were there, but moved when they heard me coming down the stairs. Lunette was at the vet, Purrty Girl is in the nursery with her babies and Bridgette was in my laundry basket sleeping. My favorite is when they seem to all gather in the kitchen when I open a can of tuna. It never really feels like I have that many cats until I see them all in one place!!
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They can really take you back, can't they?
When all (6)+ Smudgeie +
are all in the livingroom at the same time I think OMG - where and when did this all happen!! hehehe - At times, there is barely a chair for us to sit on. (but I wouldn't have it any other way- I never realized how much I loved cats, until I starting being a mom to a couple)
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Great picture. Thanks for sharing. And as for the can of tuna, I know what you mean except Vinny (my husband) has opened 2 cans of tuna in my old apartment (when we only had the cats) and the cats never had a clue. I'm still amazed. He's the only one I know that can open tuna and not have had any cats pay attention to him. I'm sure he'll prove it when we get back east.

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what a great picture!

I love the cat tree. My dad says no more cat trees, but I may ask him to make me another one for X-mas and I'm going to show him yours to model from. He can't turn me down if that's all I want for X-mas
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AAAWWWW!!! This just made me want MORE cats
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Ah, yes! Fish! Cats! What a combination, indeed!


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LOL! I wish I had a cat tree like that!

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Studio, It took me 3 years to finally find one I could afford and that I liked. This tree has been recarpeted several times! I would like to add another large one to the house at some point. I have small ones in each room except my room. I am waiting for hubby to build me a custom one to fit and match the decor So it may be another 3 years or so....LOL
At least now I know that fish will bring peace and happiness in the house. It was so nice to have most of them there at once.
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