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Let's see your fridge!

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Ok, I have to start off by saying that I would NEVER have thought of starting a thread about what you have on your fridge if it weren't for Creepyowl. She pointed out in one of my pictures that I have a lot of pics on my fridge and, of course, it got me wondering if I was the only one who had so many pics of her furr-babies stuck there. So... let's see those fridges!!

Here's mine. You can see at the top left a very long pic of Tigger and Roo and then a series of pictures that Darrell and I took since we started dating. after the third one there should be a wedding photo and then there should be another one for this year...we've kinda slacked on the bi-yearly pics. Underneath the long picture is our Ford Focus ZX3. My very first car. Beside that a pic of me at work, then Darrell and I last halloween... On the fridge is a bunch of stuff. A clipping out of the newspaper of a cat jumping out of a tree, a Purina Cat Chow Ad magazine clipping, coupons, a nurse's prayer poem...
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Why haven't i got pictures of Rosie on my fridge?. I will now though LOL.

All i have on at the moment is a postcard from London, my dental checkup card, and fridge magnets from greek islands.
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My fridge doesn't have anything on it, I guess I'm waiting until we've decorated the kitchen (new fridge & freezer).
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Yipes! I have NO pictures of my cats on my fridge! does that make me a bad cat mommy? All my pictures of the kitties are either in my purse ( I carry a cat photo album) or on CD's. I better get some to put up on the fridge!!! all I have up there now are coupons for pizza(MMM PIZZA! mushroom and green olive!) pictures of our neices, pictures of our friends kids, Brads schedule, Lots of magnets (mostly toward the bottom for the cats to play with) and a couple of drawings from friends kids.(is that all?? Hmmm... hold on...) yep that's all.(had to go and check! LOL!)
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I have a picture of Dori laying INSIDE my fridge...... Does that count???
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No cat pictures on our fridge, either. Just some notes about doctor's appointments and cell phone numbers.
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ok perhaps I am just weird.
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Originally Posted by Tamme
ok perhaps I am just weird.

Nah, I don't have pics of my cats either just my ferrets. Thank you for bringing this oversight to my attention. I will have to correct it immediately.
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lol, you guys are so funny. all rushing to your fridges to put up pics.
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I have a few take-out menus and some magnets on my :censor::censor::censor::censor:.

Squirtle - My cat, Charlotte is fascinated with the inside of the :censor::censor::censor::censor: too!!
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All I have on my fridge is a magnet penguin and kittie paw marks which I wash off daily. Do the paw marks count?
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Well, we used to have pictures of our kitties, etc... on the fridge but we just got a new stainless steel fridge today so no more magnets! (they don't stick to stainless)
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Originally Posted by Cilla
All I have on my fridge is a magnet penguin and kittie paw marks which I wash off daily. Do the paw marks count?

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Originally Posted by Tamme
ok perhaps I am just weird.
Not at all! I have two pics of Sierra on the fridge. In fact I've just ordered one of those magnetic photo frames with a kitty design on is so I can put it on the fridge with the others!
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All I have on my fridge is a flower magnet holding an envelope which says in large print, MEDIC ALERT. In it I keep an up-to-date sheet of emergency contact information, list of medications I take, medical history, etc. So if I ever have to call an ambulance for myself and may not be thinking clearly, all the information will be there. Many, many times I had to call an ambulance for my late husband, and you have no idea how handy it was to have similar information readily available when I was all upset. I'd recommend it for everyone.
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I have pics of Dori and my one-day-soon-to-be-stepson (my boyfriends of 5 1/2 years little boy) all over my fridge. I have one of those Izone cameras that prints that little photos with a sticky back. I think the camera is more for kids, but it takes really cute pics
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I have a picture of each of my cats on the Fridge. I also have the word cats spelled out with those Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets. And I have a Garfield Strip up amongst other things. I probably need to clean the poor thing off it's so full.
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I have dog photos on my fridge, but no cat ones. Hmmm.. cute fridge Tamme!
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Your fridge looks something like mine, except only my top half is filled, only a few on the bottom. I have mostly all my cats I've ever had pictures, one of my mom and grandmother and some kitty magnets and some kitty stickers. I also have an award Sash won on the internet, you can tell I'm a little obsessed with my kid!

Lisa & Sash
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Remember...Cat pictures increase fridge effeciency exponentially.

So if you don't have a cat picture on your are not using your space efficiently...and you need to put more kitty pictures on it quickly.

....Least that's what the cat keeps telling me....

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Like that Spotz, I'll get working on it.
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Does my kitty-cat calendar count? I have a little desktop kitty-a-day calendar that has magnets on it, and I keep the cutest ones to make me smile. I don't have any pictures of Bella yet - need to borrow a digicam soon!!!
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