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Need to know about cats and pregnancy

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I have multiple cats in my house all of which are spayed/neutered except 2, I had planned on getting them fixed about a month ago, but they both came down with a respatory infection that we could not shake. the two of which I speak of are a 15month old male and a 8 month old female. Since they have both been sick and are still trying to recover the doc said he didn't want to take care of this yet. Well the other day I caught the two of them "playing around" and now I don't know if she might be pregnant or not. My questions are as follows.

1. Around what age do females go into heat?
2. Can just a little more meowing mean she is in heat?
3. Will she "be with the male" if she is not in heat?
4. If she is not, can she still get pregnant?
5. How will I able to tell if she is?

I really need help with this, becasue as I said I already have multiple and I love them all, but I would really need to do some prep work for the kitten if she is/might be.

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1) 6 - 7 months seems fairly common for Domestic Females...add a few months for the males.

2) If she is in heat and her needs are being satisfied, then she prolly won't be to vocal or otherwish.

3) I am not familiar with mating behavior being exhibited outside of heat for females.

4) Not sure on the pregnancy bit...I believe that it is unlikely, due to biology.

1-5) Talk to your vet for the best advice

Only thing I would suggest is to keep the two cats seperate, and keep her inside.

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Females can go into heat and also get pregnant as early as 4 months. I know this from first-hand experience when I took two littermates in at 5 months to be spayed, imagine my surprise when the vet called and said "Mary Anne Bacardi is pregnant!" Which meant that her brother got her that way. I found out later that Siamese cats are famous for early fertilization and these kittens were siamese crosses.

But most times, it is 5-6 months before they hit their first heat cycle and you will know when they go into heat. They are very focal, they keep rolling, and rubbing and arching their backs and lifting their tails and trilling. Male kittens can father babies at 7-9 months old.

If she is in heat, you will not be able to keep the male away from her, for her pheremones will draw him to her and nature will take its course.

Your best bet is to take her in and get her spayed and until then keep the two apart.
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1. female can go into heat anywhere between the age of 4 and 12 months.
2. A little more meowing can be a sign for heat but she probably won't allow the male to mate with her unless she's in heat.
3. Most females do not allow males to mate with them when they're not in heat.
4. Many young females become pregnant before the owner can see any signs of her going into heat so my answer would be, yes. If she's mated, she can be pregnant. We don't always see the signs for heat, especially not when it's about the females very first heat period.
5. You won't be able to tell before it's been three weeks. Then her nipples will, most likely, have become swollen and pinkish/red. Id you don't want kittens, take her to the vet ASP and have her spayed. A pregnant female can be spayed. The vet will remove the uterues and the featuses. The earlier you have it done, the better.
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