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I rock!!!!!!!!

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Remember the other thread about how Brad and I got into a fight about the invitations? well I took everyones advice and got a program and made my own invitations! YAY! now all I have to do is get paper to print them out on! Yippie! I'm so happy! Poop on him, I can do it myself! maybe I'm not computer stupid... ok yes I am but I can do some stuff on it better then I thought!!!! Happy Day!!!
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It's amazing how much you can accomplish, if you just take the bull by the horns and have a go at it. Congratulations! -- on your accomplishment AND on not letting his procrastination drive the show.
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yes congratulations! but what is his reaction to you taking over his job?
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Woooo Hooooo!! good for you!.

"GIRL POWER"!!!!!!!!
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Good for you!
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Congrats Good for you
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Tamme, at first I think his reaction was "she can't do it so I have all the time in the world"! Now he knows better. I think I really stunned him by doing it myself! He even hooked up our printer to my computer last night so I could print out the invitations if I wanted! I love to amaze him!!! LOL! ALso now I think that he thinks it's less he has to deal with because I will be the one to do all the addressing and things like that. Hmmmm.... maybe I goofed and should've stayed on his back so he wouldn't do this more leaving me to deal with more things???
Oh well, today we are going to order his suit and I'm taking his mom with us so he can't complain( sneaky witch that I am) and then pretty much all the MAJOR things are done, (that I can think of)
let's see, dress is bought and bring altered, maid of honor has her dress, we both have our shoes, the rings are on order and should be here at the end of the month, getting his siut ordered today, cake is in the works, reception hall has a down payment, invitations need to just be printed out, flowers are being done by Maid of honor, veil also. Still have to confirm with Justice of the peace yet, and get the marriage license. anything I forgot???
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Originally Posted by jugen
. anything I forgot???
Just one thing: BREATHE!
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Way to go!!
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katl8e, I knew there was something! LOL!
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I must have missed the previous thread, but way too go! Good luck with all the wedding shedazzle!
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