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Poor Doggy...Funny

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I find this hilarious. We have a box in the hallway that Gizmo likes to sit on. Well the other day we hear Chance (golden retriever/lab mix) "dancing" in the hallway (dancing is where he moves his front feet back and forth to make a clicky sound on our wood floor, usually means he wants outside). So my mom goes and looks to see what the heck he was doing, and he was behind the box, he wouldn't walk by Gizmo! He is scared to walk by her because she tries to swat the dogs whenever they walk by, it is just funny to see a 100 pound dog to be scared of a 8 pound 14 year old cat!
She doesn't hurt them, just swats for no reason! Poor Chancy has to be "escorted" down the hall way, or else he will dance and bark!
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It sounds like Chance knows who the boss is at your house!
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LOL poor old Chance
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LOL I bet Gizmo is so proud of herself!
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My neighbor's dog is the same with my one cat. Occasionally, we bring the dog, a lab-dalmatian mix, upstairs to our apartment, cause we like dogs and don't have one. Maya, the dog, refuses to walk by our cat Faile because Faile attacked her once. Poor Maya just stands there looking forlorn until we escort her past the cat. Silly dogs!
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That is too funny! Poor Chance!
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LOL! My sister's one six-year-old, 10-lb. cat is definitely the boss in the house. He has been bossing the Viszla around his whole life, had the Great Dane "under his paw", and is now teaching a Saint Bernard manners. Trey gets locked in the bathroom with his cat food when the dogs are fed, because he chases them away from their food bowls and eats the dog food. he's nice to his little "sister", though. Gizmo sounds like a cat with attitude!
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