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Hi everyone! I found this site while surfing looking for creative ways to keep my youngest child from destroying my mattress and sofa.
Anyway, I am a former "dog" person turned cat lover thanks to my sweet adorable Leo who wandered up to my apartment almost 2 years ago as a half-dead kitten. I fell in love with Leo as I nursed him back to health and we became best friends. He gave me such wonderful companionship and was such a sweet, loving cat that I decided the more the merrier and adopted another kitten from a family that was giving kittens away.

You know they always say the second child is opposite from the first? THAT IS SO TRUE - Jasmine, my youngest that is almost 10 months old, has been nicknamed by my fiance` as "The Devil".
I really don't think she's devilish, but she is VERY active, VERY talkative, and VERY mischievious. Actually, she keeps me laughing most of the time b/c she is like most cats and doesn't have 'cause and effect' as part of her brain function. If she gets soaked b/c she jumps in the shower while I'm in there, 5 minutes later, she returns without one bit of shame or fear. She's hilarious! I don't think I've ever seen a cat with more personality than she has.

Oh well, I could ramble about my sweeties all day but I just wanted to introduce myself and I'm glad I have a place to brag where people don't think I'm weird!
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Welcome Leo and Jasmine sound like a lot of fun! Please post pics as soon as you can. I can't wait to see your furbabies!

Lisa & Sash
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Welcome to TCS!!! You will find lots of useful information.

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Welcome to TCS to you and your kitties.
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Welcome to TCS. You picked the right place to come.
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Welcome aboard!

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Hi, nice to have all of you here. I hope you can post pictures soon, we love to look at the babies ... you are very kind to have taken in your cats ...
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Hello and welcome to TCS Jasmine, Leo and your mom! You've come to exactly the right place seeking answers. Think your weird for bragging about your babies?! Never! We'll brag right along with you! We love to share stories!
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Welcome to the site! Leo and Jasmine sound just wonderful! And you certainly won't be considered nuts around here for bragging it up on your kitties.
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hi welcome to the site cant wait to see pics of the babies
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