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glad to find this site

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This is my first post here, and I am very pleased to have found a place to get lots of info to be a better papa for my kitties. Back in September 2003, we rescued two kittens just before Hurricane Isabel hit Virginia. They were born to a feral mother, and were still quite young at the time...maybe 5 or 6 weeks. The boy and girl were littermates, and their names are Squall and Isabel. Squall will let you rub his belly for hours...and Isabel is living up to the storm she was named after! They are very entertaining, and I never thought I could be this in love with two cats. I have billions of pictures, but here are some recent ones:

That's Isabel trying to catch dust.

That's Squall being mellow and thinking his sister is a big freak.
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beautiful kitties! and love the name squall! Welcome to the website and to the forums
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Woodster...welcome to TCS and it's great to see another poster from Virginia!

You will absolutely LOVE this forum as everyone is so nice and helpful!!

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Welcome to the site! What cute kitties!!

I see that look that Squall is giving Isabel all the time. But it's opposite in my house - Ophelia thinks Trent is nuts!
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Welcome, Woodster, and like Katie, I'm glad to see another (regional neighbor) on the boards! I am a Marylander, and remember Isabel well too! WOW those two are gorgeous kitties!
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Hi there!
So glad to meet up with everyone here and brag on my babies without wondering if people think I'm crazy or not!
Your Isabel looks a lot like my Leo! I think the black/silver tabbies are so beautiful. Squall is adorable as well! I could have dozens of cats but future husband says 2 in the house is plenty. He used to hate cats but Leo had him wrapped around his little paw before he could say "scat" and now everytime we go to Wal-Mart, we HAVE to go the cat toy section so that he can bring them home a toy. He's made them so rotten...
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Welcome Woodster, Squall and Isabel Loved your pictures and glad to hear your rescued these babies. I'm also owned by a tabby and he's very spoiled!

Lisa & Sash
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Welcome to TCS to you, Isabel and Squall.

They are both beautiful tabbies.
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Hello Woodster, Isabel and Squall and welcome to TCS. You have got two beautiful kitties there.
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Hi and nice to have you here and the babies too. Tabbies are so beautiful, aren't they? Very original names too, it fits, huh? Thanks for posting pics, your babies are gorgeous.
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Thanks everyone for the welcome. Hopefully I will have time to stick some more pictures on here...I've got some funny ones. In the meantime, I need to figure out if my Isabel is trying to tell me something important...she's a little vocal at times. I think she just likes to talk, but I need to do some searching through the posts here.
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Your baby's are beautiful . We all love pictures here and will all love to see more of them
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Youre kitties are beautiful! Welcome to The Cat Site!
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hi all welcome to the best site in town for cat advice
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