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Could I get some healing vibes please

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I went to the Dr. today and I think after several years of having the same problem of chronic UTI s. I think I have finally found a Dr. that has found out what is wrong with my Kidneys and bladder. It appears that I may have a blockage and cannot empty my bladder completely causing constant infections.

I have to have a surgical procedure done this coming Thursday and hopefully they will be able to correct the blockage and I can be normal again, yes I know I have never been normal anyway I apologize if this is WTMI for anyone, I think I just want a shoulder to cry on right now as I am feeling a little sorry for myself. I have to tell myself to suck it up Cathi there isn't time for all that
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Aww to you girl . I am sure you must be in a lot of pain all the time . Bless your heart .

I sure will be praying for you
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Cathi, please don't think that your problem is not a big deal - you are suffering because of it and we all care.

There are lots of shoulders for you to cry on, whenever you need them, no need to suck it up!


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Cathi, I wish you the best on your surgery this Thursday. Poor thing, you must be so stressed. May the outcome be good news. Take care and god bless!
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dun feel sad.. we are all here to lend you our shoulders.
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Cathi, I hope everything goes well on Thursday surgery. I will be praying for you!
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Cathi, sending lots of healthy vibes for you!! Even though it's scary, at least they know what's going on! Think of how great it will be to not have to deal with those problems anymore.
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Cathi....I as well am sending you health vibes!!!

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Cathi - sending you healing vibes and prayers that all goes smoothly and well with your surgery and recovery.
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Sending you healing vibes and prayers Cathi. Good Luck for Thursday, will be thinking about you and praying for you.
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Cathi everyones entitled to feel sorry for themselves now and again.
Thank goodness you've finally found an answer to your problem.

Lots of luck for thursday and when you feel a bit better let us know how it went.

Hugs and headbutts from myself and Rosie.
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They've found the problem, you have the solution, now its time to heal. Don't ever tell yourself to "suck it up". Its normal to feel depressed and scared. Just think, once you've healed, no more UTI's!

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Sending you lots of 's . Good luck on Thursday.
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Cathi, you should never feel bad for pouring your heart out here, that's what we are all here for,(and our kitties too!) I know you are probably under alot of stress now and I want you to think of this, when this is all over, you'll never again have to suffer with those nasty UTI's, they suck I know, I have one right now that isnt' going away and I think it might be time for a trip to the DRs for me too.
I wish you a speedy recovery and I promise I'll be jealous of you when you tell me that you're UTI free!
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Wishing you lots of luck on Thursday and a speedy recovery!
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Sending you lots of *positive thoughts* for a smooth surgery, and *healing-quick vibes* for after.
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Cathi, sending you mega healing vibes and a speedy recovery!!

Get well soon!!

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Sending you prayers and vibes for a speedy recovery. I hope all goes well on Thursday.
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Thank you all my friends

Today wasn't a good day but I will be getting better soon. There is nothing like almost passing out right in a client's arms. Gee I hope he didn't think I was swooning over him Oh well that is one way to let them know that I need a vacation just not this kind of vacation.

I'm really scared about Thursday but once they give me the "don't care stuff" I should be okay.....I hope anyway.
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dun worry, you will be fine... just try to relax...
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Cathi, I know it's normal to be scared in a situation like this but please try to be positive girl! It's all for the better - for you to feel better and end this horrific battle you've been going through. I wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery. Tell ken and the fur kids to take good care of you!
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Oh Cathi, UTIs can be so painful, I certainly hope they can correct the problem with this surgical procedure! Of course your feeling upset, please continue to share your feelings, we're all here for you! You're in my prayers!
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just give me details and I will be available thursday even with the rugrats if I have too and you know my number too. so let me know soon
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Cathi, I'm sorry you're feeling so crummy! Don't feel bad for sharing things like that with us...that's what friends are for!

Good luck with the procedure & please let us know how you're doing.
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Cathi good luck tomorrow, will be praying for you.
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Cathi, my Diddo Kahli says "Brrruuuppp" which means "don't worry, it will be OK." Pete, KittenKiya and Princess Alexis all lend their support and oh yes, their mother does too. It really won't be that bad, hang in there. There are lots of ears, lots of shoulders and more hugs here than you can count.
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Im praying that everything turns out ok....
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Lots of luck for you Cathi. Sorry you're not feeling too well.
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