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Barb I think what usually in a case like this is that after The Cats Protections League have rescued the kits they report her to the RSPCA who will prosecute her and there will be a court order that she will never be allowed to own another animal. This is what I am praying for.
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Tamme I'm afraid that is what the RSPCA do. I have actually seen a nightmare of a room full of dead animals, although that was admitteldy a long time ago. I have been told recently that they still put them to sleep I don't know whether it is true or if they will admit it, but I am not risking it. They cannot cope with the numbers. Cats Protection League look after the animals RSPCA deal with the people. The Cats Protection League and the local Dogs home are the places to go to.

The Cats Protection League will also pay half the neutering fee for any cat that is owned by an unemployed person,they just have to fill a form in at the vets.
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"This is what I am praying for."

me too. I hope she never gets to own another animal again.

I'm glad there are laws out there to protect the animals and to actually prosecute those people who are abusing them
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YAY!!!!! I should hope not! Poor kitties! If I was closer, she'd be stuffed in a small cage let me tell you! DARN stupid people! makes me want to scream!
Keep up the great work Cilla, we are all behind you!(and there's ALOT of us on this board!) you are the greatest!
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Jugen thanks so much. You may think this is stupid but I have tears rolling down my face as I type this.
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oh cilla! Don't cry! It will get better! As long as there are people out there like you to stop stuff like this, it will be better. Thank you for your persistence. Please keep us updated on your friends progress.
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Sorry, but that lady is mentally ill (sick) . The situation really has to be looked into. I find it unbelievable that any vets would allow another person to cancel an appointment you made - perhaps you should have them call you if it happens again. Surely they can make a note to double-check any cancellations? I'm all for animal advocates, and joke about being a "crazy cat lady", but I had a very sobering experience this morning. On Tuesdays I start teaching late (10 .05 a.m.). One of the Internet suppliers I order from had Purina One dog and cat food on sale last week at a very low price, because the "Best by" date was October 15, 2004, and that was for 20 lbs. sacks. I got the delivery yesterday, and decided to drop the food off at the home of a woman who shelters unwanted animals this morning. When I got there, I couldn't believe the stench, and asked to see the animals (dogs, cats, goats, sheep, squirrels, hedgehogs, birds). I counted 247 animals! When I asked, she told me she needed 18 hours a day to care for them. I really think she has gone overboard, and I notified the authorities when I got home from work. I know she means well, but the situation is totally out of control. I feel really guilty, because we used to belong to the same animal rescue organization, and quit about the same time, because we disagreed with the policies (nobody over 65 could adopt an animal, cats could only be adopted in pairs, and had to be allowed outside access, and dogs could only be adopted by people with their own yards). I really appreciate her efforts, but feel that she has lost any sense of reality, and don't want the rescues to suffer because of that.This is definitely a "no-win" situation.
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JCat you are right the woman is crazy. That must have been terrible for you to see. But good on you for doing the right thing. Funny you should mention the smell because I have been thinking that her home will be like this. She is not very mobile unless she is in her car. And I think 40 cats is too many to care for anyhow in a house. But my friend has assured me things will be seen to, I am hoping to hear from her tomorrow.
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ugh, I can't imagine how her house must be. She can't be taking care of any of them (judging from the original post and how she conducts "business") Those poor kitties.

LOL, while I was reading the post I was going to recommend you inviting the woman to lunch and when she left, have someone follow her home to get her address..My methods are a bit unconventional, I know

I'm glad you are brave enough to take matters over and save those cats
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Abby I loved that. I will keep that in mind for future.
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I agree with hissy - that woman is running a kitten mill and you can hang your hat on that one!
That makes me angry!!! How can people mistreat innocent, helpless creatures!!! The reason she wanted you to SIGN saying you would let her know you were taking those sweethearts to the vet is so she could cancel the appointment so that the VET wouldn't see the horrible condition they were in and report her HIMSELF!! What a LUNATIC!
I bet any vet she's been to would be more than happy to help you turn her in. Stay after it and make sure she gets what she deserves. You have every right to be angry
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OMG I just read this now . That must have bin a nightmare for you . I just would be as ticked as you are right now . I am glad your friend is working for the cats and try to rehome and foster them and then do something about that woman .Having myself 20 indoor cats and 2 outdoor cats , I know I have to keep it up with them every day , cleaning and ect ect . I could not have 40 plus more cats in my house , and I do have a big cat enclosure . If I did not have my cat enclosure I could not have as many cats I do have right now . Then the woman is not even taking care of the cats health , that is aweful . I wonder if she ever gets sick and just stay sick and is not seeing the Dr. herself . I bet she will run to her Dr , at least to get her some meds to help her deal with her health . So why is she not taking the cats to her vet ? I personal think that is abuse and cruelty to animals , not going to the vet when a cat is sick . I think she had something to hide from you not wanting to go to the vet with the first cat you had from her . Gosh that woman
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JASMINECAT: Cilla is correct about the R.S.P.C.A. Don't get me wrong, they do a brilliant job, but don't let those heart wrenching adverts that the have on t.v. fool you.

Here's one example that i know of about their caring nature. A friend who is a vetinary nurse not far from where i work had a visit from the RSPCA. They had a phone call from someone who said a cat was standing in the middle of the road, walking round in circles. The RSPCA came out, took the cat to Emmas surgery to have it checked over, where they found it had something wrong with it's nervous system, but apart from that it was fine. The RSPCA left the cat at the surgery and said if they had no calls from the general public for the cat that they would be back to take it after a week and put it back where they found it!!!!.

There was no way the surgery was going to do that and because no one rang for a lost cat one of the other nurses took her home to live with her.

The Cats Protection refuses to put any cat down unless they really have too, where as the RSPCA however don't have this procedure. From what i gather they keep them for so many weeks before putting them to sleep.

CILLA: If i were you or if you don't want to do it i will do it for you. Once your friend from Cats Protection has these kitties, i think then the RSPCA should be brought in for investigation?!.

I wish this woman was right on my doorstep in the North East of England!!!.

Keep us updated
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Any news yet?
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I have some wonderful news. The woman would not let the cat protection in again, so she went to the RSPCA and came to an agreement with them. the RSPCA have a lot more clout and can insist in seeing the animals. This is a dream come true, they went together. The RSPCA got in and together they rescued 43 furbabes. They have all gone to the cats protection league for checking over, any veterinary care they may need and REHOMING!!

Things were bad there but not quite as bad as my imagination was leading. The cats were not in those cages she said they were, and my friend told me she thinks she had said that so that I would take them on. They were in the house, the conservatory and garage in pens. A few were loose and she said some were her own, but they would have none of it, they are all gone now to a safe place. The RSPCA are prosecuting and I feel so relieved. I am glad I have done this, and you my friends have been such a wonderful support, I don't know how I would have got it through it. Thank you all so very much. And we have got the happy ending we wanted, I know they are all safe, they will be loved and cared for now. My friend from the cats protection has been fantastic. She got it done.
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Hey, I have just turned into an Alpha cat, must tell my Kitties, they will have a good laugh at that
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yeah!!!!! good job Cilla
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Hooray Cilla!! Thank goodness the RSPCA got involved. Now all those kitties will have good homes! As for being an alpha cat, don't brag too much to your kitties, they'll get in their heads to show you who's really boss!
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Yes Cheryl thats why I said they will laugh. I am at the foot of the ladder here, and they have threatened to take the ladder away.
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Congratulations, fellow Alpha Cat! More than being pleased with that, your kitties will be overjoyed with with you over the spectacular difference you've made in so many innocent lives! You did what your heart led you to do even though it is not in your personality to confront someone with an issue, and it turned out better than you could have imagined! I'm so happy with you! Thanks for saving so many babies!
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Thanks Dawn for those kind words and your support through this.
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Good For you.. I'm glad it worked out !!! Congrats for following your instinct and doing the right thing need more people like you in the world....
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YAY Cilla! good for you! I'm so glad it worked out so well! I know there are 43 kitties that owe you their lives! You're the best!
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Cilla - What a wonderful thing you are doing for those poor cats! It does sound like a kitty mill, or else she's a hoarder (that lady with 247 animals in jcat's post has got to be a hoarder). They really believe they're doing the right thing for these unwanted animals, even when they're living in filth and physically sick (including the hoarder!). They are really out of touch with reality.

I don't think vets are allowed to give out someone's address, unless to law enforcement.

They both have to be reported and relieved of the animals and investigated. I'm glad you found a place that will take them and keep them until they find a home.

And I hope your daughter will be okay.

Jill and Candy
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Well done Cilla and please say a big thank your to your friend at CP.

Congrats on becoming an alpha as well
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congrats Cilla
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Just a quick update on these rescued cats. In the last week 12 of these kitties have been rehomed, the Cat Protection League visited would be Moms and Dads (they always do this to make sure the home they are going to is suitable) and have found homes for 12. Three of these new homes have taken two cats in, so some of them have been able to move together. My friend tells me that they all look a lot happier now.
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Thanks for the update! How wonderful that not only are these sweet kitties finding loving homes, but some of them are even able to stay together! Great work, Cilla!
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Oh Cilla...this is horrible, this woman really sounds unstable. When I read your description of her, my first thought was Borderline Personality Disorder. They go from shrink to shrink manipulating them...guess she does it with Vets. You are doing the right thing, by 1000% Sending good thoughts across the Atlantic and over the Chunnel.

Oops I missed your good news post...CONGRATS...wonderful are a hero amongst cats...and man!
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Barbara the news is getting better every day about those kitties, except for two of them who are quite poorly. One has kidney problems which have never been treated and it doesn't look too good for him, he has to stay at the vets as inpatient, the other had given birth to six little treasures who died and she has never been looked after, but she is receiving care and attention now in a foster home, but she is very ill. I feel so much for that one. She is the only one who hadn't been neutered. You are right about the personality disorder. But I feel so cross with her and I know I should forgive her and try and realise that there is something wrong there, have to sort that out in my head, but at least they are all getting help now.
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