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NH: 9-month Female Silver Tabby needs a home!

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Hello. I've been a lurker of this forum for a little while now, but never have posted. I have two cats of my own and have recently come into a 3rd kitty that I cannot keep due to financial hardship.

Misty is a 9-month old female long-haired silver tabby. She may have some Maine Coon in her, but I'm just guessing by her looks. She's incredibly sweet and gentle and she'd get along wonderfully with kids or other animals (after a proper introduction of course).

She was given to me by my sister who was forced to move into an apartment that does not allow pets. Unfortunately, my sister never got this kitty vaccinated or spayed so she does require both. I promised my sis I'd find Misty a good home.

If anyone in NH, New England, or anyone willing to drive up this way, would like to adopt Misty, please contact me ASAP please! I'm not asking for an adoption fee simply because she does require vaccines and a spay, but I would like her to go to a loving home.

This is Misty:
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KittycatK..see if you can work with a rescue group to get her placed and also get her fixed and up to date on shots prior to going to a home. Here is a list of low cost spay/neuter clinics:

N.H. Spay Line
Toll Free 1-800-990-SPAY
For residents of N.H., this service tries to help people locate a low cost or free s-n program.
New Hampshire Spaying & Altering Service
8 Hutchins Street
Concord, NH 03301
603-224-1361 before 2 pm

New Hampshire Dept of Agriculture
APC Program
State House Annex
33 Capitol Street
Concord, NH 03301
Discounts for qualified low income families. Call or write for information about APC.

Spay Program for Mother Cats
8 Fox Hill Road
Belmont, NH 03220
You and your cat must meet various criteria to qualify for this program. Call for information

Animal Allies
Manchester, NH
Helps people who have a large number of cats or people who need help and do not qualify for other programs. This organization does NOT offer FREE services. They provide certificates for discounts on s/n to people who qualify.

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Contact this group and see if they can recommend a rescue you can work with:


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Thanks, TNR1! I am hoping to get her vaccinated at one of the low-cost vaccine clinics that Petco has every weekend, but I've been having trouble finding a low-cost spay. Most of the programs are for low-income, and while I am tight for money right now, I am not low-income so I don't qualify. I'll look into the organizations you listed and see what I can find.
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Just wanted to update this. I decided to keep Misty. I actually have given her a new name of Phoebe. She'll be vaccinated this weekend and as soon as I get my spay certificate, I'll be scheduling her spay. So she has a good home.
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YAY!!!! Phoebe has a home!!

What made you decide to keep her?
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That's WONDERFUL news..did one of the low cost clinics agree to help you? Phoebe is a great name and she is one very lucky cat.

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Thats wonderful Im in VT on the NH border and just about to offer to help when I saw your going to keep her. I have a soft spot for Coonie babies
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The more I was with her every day, the more I fell in love with her and just couldn't let her go, even though my two other cats aren't the fondest of Phoebe just yet. I'm going slow with the introduction though so I am hoping they'll adjust eventually. Right now, Phoebe lives in my bedroom, but when I am home at night and in the morning, I bring her out. So far, there's been some hissing, growling, and occasional swatting between the three of them. They get a little better each day though. What started as hissing from across the room has progressed to only hissing when they get up close to one another. So we're getting there slowly.

Spay USA gave me the phone number of a place here in NH that gives out the low-cost certificates and they're sending me one along with a participating vet list. And this weekend, Phoebe will be vaccinated.

Thanks to everyone for your help! It is very appreciated.
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I've only just caught this thread, I'm glad you decided to keep Misty/Phoebe, she looks beautiful in the picture you posted
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Well with a beautiful face like that it's no wonder you fell in love. Congratulations & yippeee for you. I'm so glad she'll be loved. I believe your other cats will accept her, it's a matter of time. Congrats again.
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