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Here is a little something that gives us all a reason to rescue

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This brought me to three boxes of tissues ,perhaps you would like to take a look? It really hurts me too see this ,but it is beautifuly put together,and the music matches perfectly. Take a look!
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The looks in their eyes tore my heart apart. It makes you want to do more to help, and to encourage people to give a home to animals who are really in need and of course to neuter them. Thanks for that.
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It tore my heart apart too. I just wanted to take them all home with me.
You are most certianly welcome!
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OMG Those poor babies!. It makes me give Rosie extra hugs and kisses when i see or hear things like this.
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That site is so sad - I've seen it before, and it always puts a lump in my throat.
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I've got a couple of people I'm going to send that link to if that's ok with you.
One of which threw her cat outside because he sprayed in her house but yet she was to lazy to get him spayed like I kept hounding her to. If I'd have know sooner, I'd have gone and taken him at the very least to the shelter, at least there, he'd have a chance, where she lives now, is on a really busy road and this isn't the first time she's done that either, she did it at the other house she lived in also, then when her cat left the porch(cause she "forgot" to feed her) this lady accused me of stealing her cat, I told her if I'd have known that she threw it out, declawed and defenseless, I would have (she found her cat on the road the next day, but she didn't seem to concerned, b#%@ch) Now she doesn't tell me unless I see her and ask, but unfortunately(or is that fortunately?) I don't see her all that often because she only works 20 hours a week and not that much with me. Great role model for her kids if you ask me.
The other one is an animal horder. not in the general sense. but she thinks that (even though she can barely afford her kids) that she needs to have a zoo in her house.cats, dogs, ferrets, iguanas, rats, fish. It is realy gross let me tell you and they can't afford to take their animals to the vet, so if they are sick they just do what they think is right or let them die. I work with pathetic people, honestly!
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That is horrendous. Just how many cruel and nasty people are there? I can't imagine anyone doing that. Was it her who had the cat declawed in the first place Barb?
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I think so, I'm not sure. She is a horrible woman. Her son isn't much better. They don't talk to me much about their animals. In fact, noone at work does. maybe because I am way to anal about the way they treat their "pets". I hate it and they hear about it all the time. they think that I seem to think that just because they don't make the money I make that they shouldnt' own pets. Not true, nor did I ever say that, what I DID say was that if you can't afford to take care of them with proper vet visits or have them spayed / neutered then you had no business having them. oh well, don't put me in your conversation if you don't want my opinion. I have no problem telling it how it is! worthless people!
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Barb try to make them non persons, I have had to learn how to do that, and it is against my nature, but there is self survival on my side. We love you here and I don't blame you for speaking out. You are brave and only sticking up for our furbabes.
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That made me cry, it's heartbreaking.

God Bless all those who rescue these beautiful, innocent, helpless animals.

Jill and Candy
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Jugen,let me just tell you,that horrable things like that can't keep you down. those peope are going to get arrested for clear animal abuse. You just keep saving animals! Yes,of coarse you can show other people! Show the world!
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Amen,iluvcandy! You said it!
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Yea, first time I saw that clip was enough to bring this big, bad trucker to tears.
I'm remembered of the night in Louisiana when I took great exception with the little red-headed rent-a-cop for attempting to kick a stray cat that was just as sweet as you could want.
I won't hit a woman, but I was willing to break that rule in her case and I think she got the message. I ended up getting another driver to adopt the kitten, gave him all the supplies he'd need and they're doing a-okay.

You know, I've gotten very few feeling of self-worth that compare with rescuing, tending to the needs of (Testing, feeding, grooming and caring for) then finally placing a cat into a good home where the cat will receive the life that it deserves. I know that I couldn't be an Animal Control Officer because if I found anyone doing any of the horrible things that we all hear about happining to cats, I'd do my impersonation of Judge Dread.
I simply cannot fathom the pathalogical hatred that some people have of cats nor can I understand how someone could dump frightened, defenseless and helpless kittens along the road. I could spend a week kicking the tail of a person like that.

Every time I walk by any of my cats, I see that look of trust and affection in their eyes and I greet them all by name, MMMMMMisty, hello. How is our Grand Damme? Sari, hello my darling. Zoey, how is my precious Zo-Zo today? Bari, how's my Buddy-boy doing today? Did you chirp at any birds yet?
I can't help but think that each and every cat has at some point had that look of complete trust they have directed at a human, and a human betrayed it, by cruelity, neglect or abandonment.
If I could "mind-meld" with an abandoned cat, I dare say the cat may well fell the same feelings of betrayel and hurt, "Where are you, why can't I find you, why did you leave me here?"
Then again, maybe I'm projecting emotions into an animal that doesn't see things as I would. But that video was so well put together and the choice of the music was perfect, the picture that touched me was the cat sleeping on the homeless man.
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thanks for letting me borrow the link! I'm off to email some people.........
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I knew after reading all the other posts, I shouldn't even look, last time I was at the Animal Control office, all I did was tell the animals I was sorry. That is so sad I can hardly breathe. I will never hear that song again without having those pictures flash thru my mind. Those poor poor babies, I would take them all if I could.

My mom keeps talking of buying a cat from the pet store. I keep referring her to Humane Society, Animal Control, my alley!! I sent her this link, maybe that will change her mind.
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I really hope so! After seeing this,people will never breed again! It just tore my heart. My dog-loving friend,Adraine, was going to the Humane socity to rescue a dog,and I saw poodle that were laying on cement blocks,newborn puppys shivering,labs crying,and all kinds of dogs screaming. I just ran out ,burst into tears,and started saying all the way home,its not fair,its not fair. I know its silly,but things like that just rip me up.
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Ilovecats -

When you wrote you saw a poodle lying on cement blocks, it reminded me of an article I read in my paper a while ago. There's a group of volunteers, I wish I could remember what they called themselves, that knit lots of blankets just so these poor dogs and cats can have some comfort, and they distribute them to various shelters. Lots of times people think only of the obvious things they need: food, shelter, vet care and most important a good home, but I thought it was great that they thought of knitted blankets. It's great for people who can and like to knit, or even those not so good at it. It's cheap, just buy yarn, knit while you watch TV.

Jill and Candy
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Thanx so much! That makes me feel the a whole lot better. I guess there really are thing out there we can cheer for~
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