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Cat poems

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I made up alittle kitty poem,that my friend,Paige,did the first part,and i did the rest,called Siamise: Would you listen to my story please,
Its about a beautiful siamise
With eyes of blue,she's sure to please
As blue as the ocean seas
She is an angel siamise
With fur of gold,she's like a queen,my siamise.
There are a few versions of it,so I will be glad to share some more later,but i thought you would like to add your poems here.
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Hey Ilovecats,

Really like your poem. I've got a Siamise and it fits him to a tee. I've got a little poem or I guess it's a song, because it's to the tune of that old English song, Oranges and Lemons, here goes:

Rhubarb and sherry,
Babies making merry,
In the happy valley,
Where the puss-cats play.

Rhubarb and sherry,
Perfumed breezes carry,
While whiskers and kittens,
Enjoy the live-long day.

Rhubarb and sherry,
Pleasent times terry,
While puss-cats stop and listen,
All along the way.

I guess its not exactly going to do for cats, what Poe did for Ravens, but its fun to imagine, Seeya, Doug
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Wow! Bravo! That really outdoes mine! I feel rather silly,about my little poem! *lol* Maybe I should try the other versions....
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Hey Ilovecats,

I'm no expert but I really loved your poem - it comes from the heart and that is the best kind of anything. And besides Siamise are walking art themselves. More, More....

Seeya, Doug
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Thank you so much. You willl never know how much that meant to me....
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Here is the first version I ever did, and that was before any editing-so i hope you like it just as much!
Here is a story about a siamise
With eyes of blue she is sure to please
with fur of gold
her eyes blue like the ocean seas
she is a angel for heaven
she is
a wonderful siamise!
Hope you like it! came from the heart!
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Keep them far so good...

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Hey Ilovecats,

That's a great poem too. You've got the knack.... Keep them coming!

Seeya, Doug
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You guys are great! ! Thanx so much!
Your wishes are my command!
Okay,I feel bad that this one is not about cats,and most of my poems are about them,but on my friends website,she asked me to do a sad poem that had to be about emotions,so I wrote this one,hope you like it!
I am told to be to be liked,
to be myself
But who am I?
There is a world that i don't understand
Could someone tell me
could somone show me?
Take my hand
lead me through this earth
Please,oh please
Show me this stranger I see
in the mirror
Who am I?
Show me who I am...
This is really more of song lycics then a poem,but I hope you like it!
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So what do you think?
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Hey Ilovecats,

I like your poetry, very introspective. There's a real need for poetesses (?) in our business as usual society. How about some more? Seeya, Doug
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Thank you very much! I will right more very soon! i promise to show you my next one later today!
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Everyone says cats can't be compainions
they need to see the world in a new view
See it the truth
a cat laying in my arms
purring,always purring
her sweet face looking at me
her soft face carresting
can't they see
wiskers and sweet feline dreams
Dogs aren't the only ones
Okay that one was pretty bad,but still,what do you think of it?
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Like it?
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Hey Ilovecats,

Not bad, I like the - her sweet face looking at me - part. Some of your love for cats comes across. Love doesn't just have to be about people. Seeya, Doug
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Thanks very much. I agree. Most of my love is my heart is reserved for cats. More is coming soon.
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If you wonder what I am
I'll tell you I'm a clown (aka ham)
I dart in and out
And will sometimes give you a "meow" shout
To let you know I'm here
And that no stranger should fear
My cute little furry-whiskery-jumpy self
Of course I'm not an elf!
No one can resist my cute ways
I will play many, many days
With catnip and toys
And once in a while with a few little girls and boys
So if anyone will stop, watch and listen,
It won't be hard to tell from my 'Purrr' that I'm your kitten!!
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Hey Anne,
Great poem. Did you write it yourself? Hugs from Tampa.... Seeya, Doug
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Thanks, Doug
I came up with that poem on the computer screen in about 5 minutes
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Wow! You really outdid mine there! You are a born poet! Fabulaous job! 5 minutes ,wow! I will give it another try-
Princess-My kitten
By Ilovecats
A sweet darling face
with tiny paws and blue eyes
The house a disgrace
Tiny tougues-kissing my face
Sweethearted and true
scampering around the house
She gives love to you
as small as a mouse
She is princess, an angel its true
This poem is about my kitten princess (now an adult, I still baby her) when i first got her.
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Here's the only one I've composed about kat/kittens

Children Lost

I see small kittens looking skyward,
gazing at the raining snow
I see them jumping but not reaching far enough
To fall and jumping up to try again
I see innocent souls playing
in the yard joining each other
enjoying the dancing butterfly
perhaps to highlight a rainbow in the distance
searching and running for the elusive
firefly flitting about the darkness
I see pain taking them all away
as the grim reaper has used his scythe
cutting down the lives and inflicting
pain and hurt and tears and anger
and shock and untold questions
that haunt us so that we must find the
different ways to ease the pain;
that we had to put them down

tears enough to fill the river Styx
to help them cross into the realms of death
and over the rainbow bridge
as we pray for them while we express our love
for those taken away.... innocent kittens of memory all
sleeping in the hands of God.

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Spoo (oops backwards)

I forgot the ones I posted in "Crossing the Bridge"
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