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what is the best litter?

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I was wondering what the best kind of litter is to buy for my soon to be new cat. The choices are overwhelming. Clay, non clay, Baking soda....Fresh step, scoop away...AAAAHHHHHHHHHH

I know I want an odor absorbing, scoopable litter. Any suggestions on the best kind?

Thanks so much.

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Ahhhh, another endless topic..LOL. I like the arm and hammer scoopable the best. It seems to trap all the odors, holds up for a long time and has little dust. I am putting this link to another thread on the site for you to read about litter.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...?threadid=3219
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Sandie, Thank you. I stood in my supermarket today, eyeing all the different litters, wondering why one would be better, the same, or worse than the others. Bewildered and confused, The decision I came to was to come home and post the question, LOLOL..:laughing:

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When it comes to kitty litter i use the scoopable store brand. I tried a few brands and I found that the store brand, in my opinion, is better, and besides it is less expensive and you get more. I usually buy BJ's or Walmart brand. Except for tonight....I had to buy kitty litter and I had to buy "fresh step scoop away" only because the store brand was out(like you I stood in the asile trying to choose and there are so many to pick from). It's not bad except it was $8.99 for 14 lbs when I can get 21 lbs for $6.99 and it is just as good or better. I'm not a cheap person but we go through alot of litter and it can get pretty expensive after awhile...If you want to try a store brand I would recommend BJ's (if you have one of those stores around where you live) or Walmart brand...and make sure it's scoopable or if you want a name brand I would recommend "fresh step scoop away" or the "arm and hammer." The store brands that I mentioned only have a little dust...good luck and let us know your decision...
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Thanks. I think I am leaning toward the Arm and Hammer. I will give it a try. I can always change it.
I don't have a BJ's or Walmart by me. I live in NYC, we have NOTHING economical here, LOOOLOL

Val :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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I also use store brand, Stop & Shop is the big supermarket chain here in New England. Its much cheaper than any of the name brands, absorbs odors well, and I can get the GIANT bag for around $5. I use generics on a lot of what I buy, and there are very few things that aren't as "good" as the name brand. My grocery bill is about 30% less since I switched to generic brands!!!
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Yeah, I wont disagree with the working just as good part. I have used the store brand when in a tight pinch. I just use the A&H because when I use anything else, I have to dust my dang livingroom every day. It looks like a dust storm blew through. SO, really my major gripe with store brands is the dust. Even the tidy cat made dust O plenty.
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For the longest time we were using Exquisicat clay litter. Then, I got tired of the amonia smell. SO, I bought Fresh Step, which I really like. I just tried Tidy Cats clay mulit-cat clay and was happy with it, too. And, the other day, I bought Tidy Cats Crystal Blend, which I am really impressed with! It's really a toss-up for me!
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