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This is horrible!!

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My kitty Shaedi, who was born around the middle of Dec (making her 4 months old) escaped outside this morning when I was not at home- my 16 year old nephew was there and didn't notice her scoot out the door

I came home a little while ago to find her snuggled up in the back yard by the fence with a big black and white cat which appeared at my quick inspection, since kitty ran when I got close, to be an intact male. She has gone into premature heat twice in the last month, and the Vet in my area refused to spay her since she is so tiny and young (she is recovering from a horrible living situation she'd been in before we rescued her).

I can't help but assume the worst- that she is pregnant. Now heres my dilemma- do I take her in for a spay and abort the kittens if she IS pregnant, even though she is at the Vets advice a bad candidate for any kind of operation being so small and recovering from malnourisment- or do I take a chance that she may not be pregnant and let things go. Shes so young to have kittens, and there is a huge chance that a pregnancy would not go smoothly.

I'm really at a loss here
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If it were me, I would take her in and get her spayed. If she is health compromised and tiny, chances of her making it out of delivering healthy kittens is pretty slim. The reality is that either way you could lose her. Your vet is aware of that and one would hope he would take all that into consideration when he does spay her.
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Thanks for the advice...Is there anything special the Vet should be aware of as far as anesthesia or anything? I really hope she comes through the spay ok, shes had it so rough so far in her short life
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I would call your vet and tell them what happened and see if they are STILL unwilling to to the surgury then I would get a second opinion. Ask another vet from a different clinic and see if they have the same opinion.
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I do hope all goes well for this little one.
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She is sooo young. Poor thing. I am still new learning all about cats so I have a few questions about this....I am wondering, can't the vet tell if she is pregnant before he spays? Then if she is not pregnant you can wait to spay until she is a little older? Also, is it possible to "tell" if a kitten that young has mated? I am asking because I remember that someone's kitten not too long ago (can't remember the name) was attacked by a male cat and was really injured by it.
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Well....I did check her "areas" out by having a look and she doesn't appear injured at all. She and the Tom in question were actually curled up together when I found her- and he hissed at me when I went to scoop her up and bring her inside. He didn't run far , and appeared healthy - so I assume he's somones pet. She seemed as happy as a lark as I carried her inside, purring and head bumping me......Tramp.. LOL
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Poor little girl! I think what you should do is to have her checked by the vet to see if she really is pregent,so you can be sure of yourself before making any desions. If she is,then go ahead and have her spayed. Don't worry about the ababies. Its better for them and her not to born,because they would have to suffer their short lives being unhealty. Hope all goes well!
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How interesting that she was cuddled up to a strange cat.

If it were me, I suppose I would go ahead with the spay.. but I would definately get a second opinion first.
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Thats what I thought- she seemed reluctant to leave his side and he was pissed off at me for calling her away...kitty love??? weird
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