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Nature's Variety Cat Food

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I found this new food, new for me that is, and it sounds good. Their web site is www.naturesvariety.com They do freeze dried raw food and now have kibble and canned as well. The ingredience look excellent. Any experience with this food or any articles or rumors?
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I just bought the Prairie canned lamb and rabbit, and opened the first can (rabbit) about an hour ago. So far, JC hasn't touched it, which might be because he saw the can (larger than he likes), or since the food is kind of mushy. Usually he tries something new right away, but he's out of sorts today, as I went back to work after being home with him for over a week. The food is incredibly expensive over here: $2.38 a can, and a cat his size needs two cans a day, according to the feeding instructions. The ingredients sound good, except for the trace of garlic.
Other people have said their cats love it, but the price is too high if you have several cats.
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Well, he ate half a can, which must mean he doesn't find it too bad. I'll let you know if he likes the lamb.
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thanks for responding. I got the dry beef and barley. They also talk about food rotation to get a complete, balanced diet. Most people say that switching isn't good as it upsets stomachs and here are these people saying to rotate. Of course they are a business who wants you to buy their products..
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Jamie just finished his food ! I'm an expert on rotating, because this cat insists on as much variety as possible (as long as it's [ultra]premium brands). I even have to make up meal plans for my husband or the sitter to follow when I'm/we're away. JC automatically stops eating a particular food after about three months, and doesn't want to eat the same food more than twice a week. Lately I've read several articles in cat magazines recommending rotating foods, provided the cat doesn't have a sensitive stomach. Supposedly you can avoid nutritional deficiencies that way.
I'm definitely in favor of feeding more than one brand. My family is now living in Nebraska, and a few years ago the snow/ice was so bad that the stores weren't getting in new supplies. My mom's cat (quite old at the time) only ate one particular type of canned cat food, and when my mom ran out and couldn't get it anywhere, she had to call up everyone she knew (and everybody they knew) to scrape together enough cans so that Ginger wouldn't starve. I still remember getting a fax that said,"The brother-in-law of a guy down the street has ten cans!" My mom now stockpiles dog and cat food.
I just noticed that the Prairie food is made in Nebraska, so if JC decides he likes it, I'll smuggle some back with me this summer. Thus far there only seems to be one importer here in Germany. I'd like to try the dry, but the bags are so big. Though I suppose the local shelter will take it if he doesn't like it.
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Awhile back I went to the website of Nature's Variety to ask for a free sample pack of the dry food and they sent me a 4 pound bag of it in the mail!! Boy was I happy and Sash too! Sash loved the dry food. I haven't tried any of there canned food, I don't think they sell it anywhere close to me. I wish they did though.

Lisa & Sash
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Do you still use Nature's Variety? If so, any problems?
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No, Sash now eats Natural Balance and Nutro. He was eating Nature's Variety for a few months and no problems.

Lisa & Sash
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