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I like cats but not as much as you guys do, I just wanted to post my board here because there are alot of people on here. My boards needs your help so come and visit it. Anyone can come, even spots for Alliance fans. I have a new Roleplaying Matches. Sign up to be an admin. or Moderator. No registration requried. So come over and visit it at pub82.ezboard.com/bdirkblaze19366 Copy and paste this on to your Address bar. Thanks alot for your time.
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What is this about???????
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No offense to you, but as this thread has been pointed out to me, I feel it is my duty as a moderator to find out more about this, before anyone visits it, as we don't need to pick up anymore viruses.
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Debby; This just doesn't "smell" right to me. I'm not saying anything is wrong, but I get a feeling. . . . I don't like any type of "Hit and Run". If his site is good; people will find it without PROPAGANDA!!!!! We have had more than one "unfavorable" experience with Mud Slinging so why leave our doors open for any "Role Playing"

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I agree, Darlene! By the way....since you are here... I really want to discuss last nights BB2, could you go to that thread?
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Role playing games are a lot of fun, I used to play Mmud and EverQuest a lot a couple years ago.
But this is definately not the right method of getting new members to your site.
If you are legitimate, you know there are more effective ways of finding fellow Roleplaying enthusiasts.

If you come up with a good Cat game, let us know...
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