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Cats dreaming.

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Rosie and i both give each other a fright last night.

She was stretched out asleep on me and was dreaming because she started twitching.

When she does this i normally gently say her name a couple of times where she wakes up then falls back asleep, but last night she freaked me out!. She was in a deeper sleep than normal and wouldn't wake up when i said her name.

Because she didn't wake up like she normally does, i gently shook her paw and i shouted her name which gave her such a fright that she jumped up and
hissed at me!. She just stood and stared at me for ages. I put out my hand to let her sniff it, but it took her a good 20 minutes before she curled up on me again.

Should i have woken her up or just left her to dream?.
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I just read somewhere- it is really bad idea to wake up your cat while it's dreaming, especially if it's dreaming deep! You just scared your cat, I guess! My little kitty also time to time having a bad dreams, and I am just trying gently pet him, but not wake him up...
I am not a real professional on that, so let's see what else cat owners will tell us, cause now I am curious also!
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Susan, I've done that a couple of times with my Balie. He sleeps so deeply and breathes so shallowly, that sometimes I do have to pick him up to see if he is still with us.

He does so hate it when I do that!!! I's sure Rosie will forgive you - especially if you give her heaps of love as a result!!!!
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I'm glad i'm not the only one!. It has to be the deepest sleep i've seen her in, especially when she's lying on me. But she really did scare me because she was so 'floppy'.

YOURSLEKKA: When she got the fright my thoughts turned to how you should never wake anyone if their sleepwalking?!.

YOLA: She really wasn't sure of me at all!. When she wouldn't come to me i just let her sniff my hand, and stopped looking at her in case she thought i was a threat if i stared, especially with her just waking up.

Poor baby, i'll fuss over her tonight more!!
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Yikes! That must have given you the creeps!
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One night last winter Snowball was curled up on the bed next to me and kept twitching so much that
he kept me awake! LOL!!!
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