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Wierdest, most bizarre cat tricks

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Hello everyone!!

I'm not sure if this is gone through before, but I wanted to share my friend's cat's trick. His name is Bart and he knows how to put out candles. He sits near the pillar candle on the table or whereever and he watches it for a while. Then he lifts his paw, judges the distance and then WHAP! he puts the flame out. Of course, they try to stop him since he gets some wax on his paw, but he is sneaky and really likes to do it. I'm curious what other funny tricks cats have out there.. some can sing or fetch.. but I wonder about those secret little wierd cats with really funky tricks ??


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Oh wow - I just love this one! What a great trick - silly kitty. It must hurt a little bit but obviously not enough to stop him. The thought of Bart wandering round putting candles out as he goes...........
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I love candles but since I got my four furbabes I haven't dared to use them. After reading that Andrea I'm glad I haven't. They are so clever. There was a programme on out here a few weeks ago about the most clever animal antics, some were dogs, parrots but a lot of them were cats. There was one that goes to bed with his Mom and he jumps on the bed and she says "aaww put the light out Kittie" and immediately Kittie jumps up the wall and turns the switch off. If was so funny to watch.
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Cats are really amazing and most interesting annimals for me!
We almost never know what are they thinking about- but they bring so much light and happiness in our lives- it's just terrible, that some people don't like cats!
My granny used to have a cat- Marckiz, who would bring her nwes paper for her as soon as my granny would say- "Gazeta"- ( News Paper in Russian)! He was so happy to run out to the doors and grab it- my Granny said she did never teach him how to do this treak!
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My very first cat, a pregnant stray, would turn on the stereo in the morning. I would walk through to the kitchen, and she would smack the button on the stereo and go curl up on the couch. After she had her kittens, she moved on.
I also had a cat that could turn a doorknob. He would sit on the speaker next to the door and grab it. Good thing it was a sticky knob, or he coukld have gotten out.
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Wow.. that's impressive.. I'm sorry I missed that thread about clever tricks.. sometimes it's so astounding what some animals do.. expecially cats.. In the guiness book of world record there was a cat that celebrated its 36th birthday!!!!! I had a cat live with my family to be babysat and he died this winter at age 21. Cilla, I wouldn't worry too much about candles, unless they really show major interest like Bart. Most cats I know totally stay away from any flame or major heat like when you open the oven door.. I gotta say though.. when I'm having a bad day, I just think of Bart concentrating on putting the candle out and it makes me giggle...especially when picture him when he shakes his waxed paw and starts licking it furiously.. he doesn't learn though...
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Saki plays fetch
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Thanks for that Andrea. I was more afraid of them jumping up and knocking it over than trying to put it out. I would never have dreamed of that. Clever kitty.
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I am a candle FIEND.. glade candles.. the super fancy ones in oval glass jars with really insane fragrances that cost way too much money.. Cilla, maybe you could weigh your candles down in bowls with rocks or put them up higher.. or get ones that have thick glass sides that are heavy.. I love candles and cats.. I think there must a way to have them reconciled..
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