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Hello everyone. I'm so excited to have found a place where I can talk about my cats to people who care. I pretty much bore everyone else, I seem to be surrounded by dog people. I've attached a picture of my two adorable cats, Nubi and Zubi. Aren't they sweet? They are littermates and I had a hard time telling them apart for the first month. Now it's easier because they have such different personalities. Zubi still acts like a kitten (they are about 15 months old) - he's constantly playing and follows me around to see what I'm up to. Nubi is more dignified and waits for me to come to him. Except at 3am. LOL
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Kari Welcome to The Cat Site! I know you will like it here! You have very cute kitties!
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Welcome!! I am sure you'll love it here at TCS. I am also fairly new here as well. I have a one year old Sunshine, who had five kittens two weeks ago. The people on this site are absolutley wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! You will find a wealth of information here, as well as a lot of humor.
Love the pic of your kitties!
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Welcome Kari

Glad to have you here. It's great being able to share your cat stories with people who care. Your two are so precious! I just love pictures of cats hugging!
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Your kitties are SO adorable! Welcome to the site!


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Kari,your cats are so cute,its a great photo!, a very warm welcome to the Cat Site.

Jackie and Felix
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Welcome Kari!!
Your Kitties are adorable! I know you will enjoy it here.
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Welcome Kari! Glad you found us here at The Cat Site! Your cats are adorable; I just love orange tabbies. I have two grey and black tabbies. Where in MN do you live? I grew up in Rochester, my grandparents (well, just my Grandma now ) live in a tiny town called New Germany, and my cousins are scattered around MN and Iowa.
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Kari....WELCOME!!!!!!!! I am sure you will make many wonderful friends here, as I have, and please feel free to speak your mind about anything, we are glad to have you here! Your kitties are adorable!
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Welcome. Your two are adorable. Reminds me of my Splish and Splash who up until the were about 2, looked exactly alike. Even when I showed the two together at shows, the judges use to want to kill me.

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Kari; Welcome to TCS! How nice to have a new member who comes with an adorable photo on her first post. . . :jarswim:::blubturq: :pinky: Please, come back often!
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Hello and welcome Kari! I'm sure you'll love it here!!
What cute kittens you have
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Hi Kari! It is so nice to meet another cat lover!
Thank you so much for brightening my day with that
beautiful photo! Hope to post with you more as I
have just one blue point himmy who is about 9 months
old. I just love her! Their names are so cute too!
What love, furfaces!

Frannie, I love the names Splish and Splash --
were they a handful for the judges or what?
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Hi Kari and welcome. Your kitties are adorable.I look forward to hearing more from you.
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Welcome Kari! What gorgeous kitties!! How cute! (I want just want to sqeeze them!)
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Meows from my house to yours.....
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I feel the same way . I'm always sarounded by dog people to. That is why I am always on this site.
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Thanks all for the warm welcome. And thanks for thinking my cats are adorable. It makes a "mom" feel proud. (I keep wondering how I'm going to act when I have *real* babies!)

Dawn - I'm in Arden Hills, a suburb of St. Paul. You moved from MN to TX - that's quite a change in weather. One of my friends moved down there several years ago and jokes about how wimpy she's gotten when she has to deal with the cold. I don't let her drive in the snow anymore when she comes to visit. :tounge2:
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Cute cats!!!!! Welcome to the site
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