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Hi everyone!

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I am a new member, as well. Found this site thru emazing.com. So far, I really like it. I live in Tampa, FL and am an elementary school teacher, studying for my master's degree. I have 2 cats: both are orange tabbies, although I think my younger has some Siamese in him. Squirt is 4. He's a pretty basic cat, with most of your basic, predictable cat behaviors. Joey is 1. He is a wild man, a 9 lb. spitfire. This cat does things I never would have believed possible and keeps me laughing all the time. One of his favorite things to do is hang out in the refrigerator. He comes bolting from anywhere in the house when he hears the :censor::censor::censor::censor: door open, jumps in, and hangs out on the bottom shelf. He is put out when the shelf is full of groceries and there's no room for him. That's all for now. Hope to talk to you all in the forums.
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Hi Deb and welcome!

I see you're posting away! Great!

My Mishmish also loves getting into the fridge. It can be scary at times - once I shut the door on her by mistake! I didn't know she was in there! Luckily I had to get something from the fridge 10 minutes later and what a surprise I've had !
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I admit I've done the same. This dummy doesn't seem to care. When I'm in a hurry, I have to pul him out by the front paws, or he'd hang out for an extended stay. I have a couple of pictures of him lounging in the :censor::censor::censor::censor:, but the files are too big at present to post on his web page. I see you've noticed my numerous posts. I really like this site. Everyone is so friendly! I have already recommended it to a couple of cat-loving friends.
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Now, I have not shut my little Moonshadow in there. However he is the first cat I have ever had do this. I laughed my butt off, but then figured if I were a persian and had that much hair, I would hop in there too..
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I could understand if Joey was a long-hair, but this guy is a skinny little shrimp of a thing. He began the ":censor::censor::censor::censor: leap" when he was all of 1.9 lbs! I have just decided that he may look like a cat, but he must have the DNA of several other animals. His paws are kind-of webbed (duck), his back legs look like a kangaroo's (hence the name- Joey), he picks up stuff with his hands (racoon), and he can even twist his head all the way around and lick Advantage off the back of his neck (owl). He is the absolute funniest cat I have ever seen, and therefore I just love him to death!
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Hehe, it could be because its hotter than heck in Fl. From what I understand it is hotter than Ca. We should be going to a cat show in Fl this summer, so I guess I will know for sure. I am happy to know my cat is not the only freak who thinks the fridge is a play zone..
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Ok, now don't think I'm the worst kitty mommy in the world. But, just last night I got up around 1 am to get something to drink. I just fumbled my way-hardly even opening my eyes and not turning on any lights. I stumbled back to bed. This morning I woke up and wondered why my 4 month old Maggie was not pouncing on me, demanding her breakfast.

I heard a faint cry and opened the fridge door and out she jumped! I almost died. She'd been in there for almost 7 hours! I didn't even know she had followed me in there last night! She was a little chilly and a lot scared! I grabbed her and warmed her up. She has already forgiven me-seeing as how she was the one who jumped in there in the first place!

She's the sweetest, most affectionate cat I have ever met. She's wild and crazy one second and giving me kisses the next. I'm sure glad she doesn't hold a grudge. I bet she doesn't jump in the fridge again!

I feel awful and will definitely turn the lights on next time!
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Oh my gosh!!! Poor kitty! (Although it certainly wasn't your fault) I bet she thinks twice before she does THAT again!!!!! Glad she was okay!!
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Oh, I forgot to also say Welcome Deb!!! Glad to have you with us!!!!!
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Holey moley!! I am glad she is okay. I think I am going to try and train Moonshadow to stay out of there. I hope your heart is back in your chest by now.
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Thanks for the hello, Debby.

Hey, Mindi, that story tops mine. Joey has been locked in there, but not for 7 hours! Well, Squirt spent a few very cold nights outside in his day when he failed to come home before my bedtime. Is that the same as a night in the fridge? I'll be interested to hear if Maggie avoids the fridge after her experience. I thought that Joey would, but no dice.
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