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Samwise needs help!

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Dear Friends,

You may have seen Samwise a couple of photos earlier, when he was trying to figure out what the lump was under the quilt, and he was so embarrassed to find out that it was Miss Kitty.

We have attached an extract from that photo, zeroing in a little closer on the gremlin.

If you look closely at Samwise's neck, on his left side, you will be able to see a boo boo. This started as a scratch by a litter-mate almost three weeks ago. It has been treated by a vet orally, by injection and topically. Every time it looks like it is going to heal he gives it an awesome scratch, pulls the scab off, and we start over. We are truly becoming depressed -- and awfully worried.

Do we have any ideas out there as to what one can to do stop the scratching which sets poor Samwise back every time he begins to show progress? The lotion we use on him, as prescribed by his vets, has some pain reliever which is supposed to mitigate the itching which leads to the scratching, but we despair.

Thank you all so much for any ideas you might have for Samwise,
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You might have to get one of those cone things or cover the site with that stretchy clingy stuff. Sorry, I can't think of the name but medical/vet people use it.
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I'm going to move this to Health & Nutrition where more of our health experts will see it.
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I have to second Baileysidney11, this sounds like a job for... (ta tum!) everybody's friend the E-Collar. I suggest talking to your vet about one.
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The dreaded E-collar may have to be used here until it heals (He's going to hate that). It will keep him from scratching the scab off plus he won't be able to lick the cream off the wound until it heals.

Ask your vet about the E-collar. (If the vet gives you one for him - keep it. It might come in handy again).
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Thank you so much, gang. It never occurred to us to use an E-collar. We had seen these at cat shows, mostly on Persians to protect their grooming, but we have never had occasion to use one before with all our many kitties.

We will see the vet about this today. Meanwhile, Samwise's breeder recommended a tube sock, with holes for his front legs to keep it in place. We have attached a photo of "Samwise in a Sock" for your amusement. Samwise himself is not at all amused -- he is not a happy camper!

Thanks again to this wonderful group.
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Awwww, I hope he feels better soon. Great picture though.
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What a great idea with the sock..I am sure Samwise is not truly happy with that! But as mommy you should know better- that will really help to get well!
What a wonderfull creature Samwise is! I've just noticed his tail!!!!! His beautiful!
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The sock is a great tip (though I feel sorry for Samwise). Hopefully this will clear up soon!
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They did the same thing to Piper (my mom's retired Somali) when the breeder tried to wean the kittens.
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I was gonna suggest the tube of a sock. My in-laws went through that awhile ago with "winnie". The sock didn't go as far as the legs, just the neck, but it was enough to stop her from irritating that spot.
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I never thought about a tube for it. Great idea.

If it helps him not bother the area then it works

Oh the poor Samwise's dignity.......

Hope he heals up real soon.
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I think those cones are called Elizabethian collars, they come in hard plastic and soft material, which would be more comfortable for any cat. I don't know if you have to special order the soft ones, or if they're available in stores or online.

Poor Samwise, I feel so sorry for him.

Jill and Candy
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