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Cat in heat - can I comfort?

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One of my cats is currently in heat - we're going to be having her spayed within the next two months when we can afford it (she's an indoor cat so we have no worries).

Is there any way to comfort her? I've found she quiets down when she rolls on her back or side and I rub her tummy right by her belly button...and when I rub her around her head.

Other than that, does anyone know any tricks to get her to quiet down and be comfortable? I don't mind her noise as much because she's a very vocal cat, I just hate that she's uncomfortable.
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Nope, she needs to be spayed quicker than 2 months or you will have a lot of these episodes to look forward to. There is no safe way to comfort her, her instincts are telling her she needs a tom to give her release. Be careful she doesn't get outside, they get sneaky when they are in heat, and if she does get outside you could lose her. Again I would get her spayed quickly. If you go to http://www.spayusa.org/ they can help you find low cost spaying in your area
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I just went there and filled out their form. With my boyfriend and myself both being college students - him working part-time and me out of work right now - and extra $150 isn't that easy to come by.
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I understand, they are quite good at low cost referrals for this much needed surgery.
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Crystal your cat will be so much happier after spaying, it is worth the money. I understand what you are saying - but it is worth it and you are going to have to find the money in the end, better now I think Good Luck
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Sorry to say that , but there is no way to comfort your cat in heat . Try not to pet her by the back end where the tail starts , that will stimulate her .

Maybe you can ask a vet if you can make some payment arrangements , telling him/her your situation . Some Vets are really good in that .

Btw , she can go into heat every 2 - 3 weeks and some will start peeing on the rug or in the bed b/c of being in heat . I had that happen .
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I know how you feel. Jeepers has been in heat for about 5 days, thankfully the worst is now over. She's due for her spay on Thursday, I cannot wait.
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