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Please! I need help with Freeway!

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I recently rescue a kitty that I found on the middle of the freeway here in Miami, thus her name is Freeway
But I have bad news. When I got her, I took her to the Vet. She was sooo skinny I could see all her back bones She had been hit by a car and her 2 back legs had been broken. One of them healed over time, but the other was still broken and had gotten infected. THe vet took an x-ray and gave me an anti-biotic. He also put a plastic cone around her head in order to stop her from licking the open infection/cut. I religiously gave her the medicine and cleaned the cut.
After about a 1 1/2 weeks, she started using her leg to walk again and the cut had healed. I was jumping in joy!! She had gained a lot of weight and looked sooo much happier! She even started playing with a toy that I got from my girlfriend.

But today, when I went to play with her, I noticed a little white thing on her leg, and when I went to take it out, I saw it was a worm!!!

When I went to the Vet, he gave me a liquid medicine to give to her for worms. I gave it to her and still am giving it.

But now I noticed that there are worms coming out of her "butt"! What can I do??

Do I need to take her to the Vet again? Does she need a shot? I don't have much money. The vet charged me less since it was a rescue kitty. But if I have to take her again, I will.

Can someone give me some advice? I never had a kitty before, but Freeway is just an awesome kitty I dont want anything to happen to her.

Thank you for your help!!
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What is the name of the medication the vet gave you? I know that people here will recognize it and be able to tell you whether you need to take Freeway to the vet again. Did the vet do a stool sample when you were there? If he did, I'm sure you've got the right stuff.

Like I said, I don't know the names of the worm medications, but if you post it here there are lots of people who will be able to help.
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Hi! Thank you for the reply! I'm sure Freeway is as thankful as I am.

The name of the worm medicine is Strongid Worming paste # 2.00 ML

I hope that helps.

Thank you again for any help that I can get!

Dalton & Freeway
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Strongid is a standard wormer.

I almost positive that the worms emerging is normal.

Make sure that the worms are effectively disposed of, and that any other animals you may have are not exposed to Freeway while she is shedding these parasites.

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If a fecal was done and the worming medicine gotten from you vet you should be safe. If not, you need to run a fecal to the vet and have him prescribe the medication. It sounds like tapeworm so the host worm is inside and the segments and eggs are being shed. You need drontal to get rid of tapes effectively and the vet needs to know the weight of your cat. Scrub out your litter pan too with hot water and bleach.
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Agreed with Hissy

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Hey Guys! Thank you for all the help and replies.
My brother has a friend that is going to take Freeway to the Vet. I think they are going to get a stronger medicine. The worms are coming out alive, and they said that they are supposed to be coming out dead.
I will post the name of the new medicine that they give her just for you guys to know!

Thank you!
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wow, what a scary thing to happen! Where did she get the worms from?
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I think she got the worms from when she was outside.
We got her in very bad condition, so I guess that's when she got it.
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Poor Freeway! She is very lucky that you found her, it was wonderful of you to take such good care of her also! I hope she gets better soon.
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Hey Guys! I got another question..

My brother told me that the tapeworms that are coming out of the "butt" of Freeway are supposed to be dead. Is that true?

Also, is she supposed to get a shot to kill the worms or just take a kind of pill? (my brother told me that they are going to give her a stronger medicine via pill, but my girlfriend told me that she needs a shot. Im confused.

Can someone help me?

Thank you!

Freeway and Dalton
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Once she gets the proper medication by a vet, she will start shedding the worm and you really won't see it because the pill basically disintegrates the host. What you are seeing is the host's eggs and segments of the larger tape that is still inside of her. You will be given a pill or more depending on her weight, and she will only need to be medicated one time. Make sure she is treated for fleas with advantage or frontline, because cats get tapes from fleas as well as eating small rodents-
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Hi Hissy! Thank you for the prompt reply!

I now understand what is really happening. I can't wait to start giving her the pill

I am treating her with the flea medicine. The one the Vet gave me is called Advantage Topic. I hope it's doing the job well

I will keep the thread updated as things happen.

Again, Thanks for all the support! This web site is wonderful!

Dalton and Freeway
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Hi! It's me again. Just a quick update.. and a question

My brother took Freeway to the Vet 2 days ago. They gave him a medicine called DRONTIC FELINE 23 TABS #1.00

The vet split the pill in half and told us to give her one now, and the other half 1 week later.

Does anyone know about the medicine? Is it the right thing to give her?

I'm kind of curious because of the fact that the Vet didn't ask for a "poo poo" sample.

Thanks for your time

Dalton & Freeway
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Hi! Just wanted to show you a cute little picture of Freeway!
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Originally Posted by Freeway
Hi! Just wanted to show you a cute little picture of Freeway!
What a cutie!
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She's so tiny and precious! I was just wondering, how old does the vet estimate her to be?
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Hi everyone!

She is just adorable!

Lorie, the Vet said she was probably about 3 months old.

As an Update, Freeway is soooooo much better! She has become quite the little tornado! Her leg is fully healed and hair has started growing where the infection originally was. There is one thing: There is a tiny little piece of the bone that apparently stayed outside the skin! It's just like a little spike, but the Vet said that it was all good. All I have to do is a little massage on the skin around it and try to get the skin to grow over it. If it doesn't work, then its surgery. Regardless, she is eating and drinking very well! She has explored every inch of my place and always finds something new to play with.
I am in the process of getting her a really nice, warm and fluffy bed (they are a little expensive)

Both Freeway and I thank every member of the site for the help and tips.
- I will keep the post updated if anything happens!
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