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Adolescent Siamese with Separation Anxiety

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Topper is a 9 yr. old Bluepoint whom I adopted when he was 1 1/2. He is extremely attached to me. I work full-time and stared going to school evenings about 2 years ago. About 6 months ago he started pooping around the house when I wasn't home. I have a second cat, Maggie, who is 1/2 Siamese and they are inseparable. I have tried everything I can think of to solve this problem, giving him more attention, praising him when he uses his box, changing the brand of litter and keeping the box clean. If I yell at him when I catch him in the act, he saves it up for a day or so and really makes a mess! He's been to the vet and is not sick. I was advised to isolate him in a small space for two full weeks. I put him in the bathroom by himself for the past 2 days but his non-stop wailing is pathetic and Maggie chimes in from the other side of the door with sympathy meows. It seems really cruel to lock him up for 12 more days. I am a massage therapist and see clients in my home so this is a very big problem for me. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Elaine
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My male did this and I had to put him in the bathroom. He acted like a big baby. He tried to get out he cried. My other cats cried and tried to get him out. I put a bed in there with him it seemed to keep him quiet. I do not know if this will work for you. Maybe someone else can help more. Good Luck!

P.S. My cats are also Siamese.
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I also have 2 Blue point Siamese (male & female) 1yr. My cats have never done this exactly for attention but the male did something like this when I was toilet training them-so that was the added stress to his life.
I know how vocal they can be and it is so hard to hear them crying on the other side of the door. Talking to each other back and forth.
My only suggestion is to lock them both up when you are not home. This way you ensure no messes while you are out, and he has company to calm him down. I know it sounds unfair to the good kitty but she would rather be with him locked up than alone and seperated. Let them out when you are home- so that he can play and enjoy his sister & you.
Hopefully she will reinforce the good behavior.

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I read a book that discussed this problem. Cats need to feel safe and secure when they go to the bathroom. They need an escape route and they don't like blind spots. It is also important to keep the food and water bowl away from the litter box. HItting and punishing never works with a cat. They associate fear and punishment with the litterbox that way. Reward the cat when you notice good box behavior and ignore it when it has an accident.

best of luck
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I have Siamese as well who had peed on my bed several times but this was due to the recent move [thank goodness it was temporary] to a very noisy apartment. All the outside noise had stressed her out. Maybe there is some construction going on in the area or a neighbor having work done?

If its not medical [phew] and not stress related. Maybe it IS that she is just missing you and trying to get some attention from you. This seems to work for her. Gets you to notice her. I would ignore it.

I would give her extra attention, some catnip. I try to give my girls time in the AM and PM. In the morning while I drink my coffee and watch the news - they get a solid half hour of cuddles. [Fox has a 30 minute news show.] In the evening, as much time as I can. When I come home I make a big fuss over them...talking to them about their mousying or bird watching -- they actually meow back to me. I try to watch some TV in bed and cuddle w/them. They sleep with me too.

Make sure she has enough toys to play with to keep her occupied while you aren't home. Rotate the toys, not leaving the same ones out all the time. Make sure there is enough food and fresh water. Make sure the litter box is alway clean. If it is an old box replace it with a new one. Hide some treats for her.

Being a parent of a Siamese is much like having a child. They are vocal and demand attention. If it doesn't work they find other means to get noticed.

I know this one sounds nutty, but I had a girlfriend who did this. She worked long hours and would call her cats several times a day on the answering machine. The volume would be up loud enough for them to hear her voice. She'd call around lunch and then a bit after five.

Good luck w/your baby, Dorina
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