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86 cats fixed today at the feral clinic!!

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It was a unusually warm day in Virginia...and again...most of the females were pregnant (a couple were even lactating)....one female cat died (I felt soooo sad...she had been breathing..then 10 minutes later..she just stopped).

I was watching cats outside and I actually got to tell 3 people who passed by about feral cats and gave them a brochure about TNR. I think the more information we can put out there...the better. I wish all 85 fixed cats well in their new lives.

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Katie how sad. But 85 kitties have a chance for a happier life now
85 in one go. That is incredible and shows just what a big problem this is. Cats are the most popular pet, why don't people look after them I can't understand it.
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Bravo!!! That is just amazing, though it is so sad to hear about the female.
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Hi Katie,

Congratulations! That was a wonderful day's work. I am sorry about the female cat that died. I wonder how many times she had been bred, poor baby, spay/neuter makes a HUGE difference in the *quality* of the lives of homeless cats! Maybe we can hope that the lactating cats' kittens were able to be fostered for adoption?

Do you get to know whether the cats are originally trapped in VA, DC, or MD, ever?
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Actually the caretakers are from all over....but this time it was "mainly" DC and VA.

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I'm so sorry to hear about the death of the one momma kitty. God that's got to be tough.

But congrats on the rest - that's really terrific!
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Laurie...I did blame myself and I cried for a bit...but she died peacefully with the sunlight on her. Now she is running across fields in heaven.

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<<Actually the caretakers are from all over....but this time it was "mainly" DC and VA.>>

I saw in the Washington Post last week that the Washington Animal Rescue League is going to open a free year round spay and neuter clinic for cats and dogs on May 1, 2004. Do you know any thing about this? I was just wondering where it will be and if they take ferals.

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The league is working with Alley Cat Allies, a rescue group, on a separate spay-neuter program for feral cats.
Next weekend is the monthly clinic in Centreville. It will help tremendously if we can get more clinics for ferals.

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Hi Katie,

It would be great to have a free clinic for ferals that's open Monday through Friday. One or two days a month is just not enough. I have a new feral that showed up last week and he's terrorizing my cats. He bit my fat little Robbie on the back last Sunday and now he has an abscess and I have another big vet bill. Petworth has a clinic next Sunday but if I can't trap him on Saturday, I have to wait another two weeks before they have another clinic.

It would also be great if there were vets that would give caretakers a little break on their bill for sick visits. I have 8 cats that are due for their vaccinations (rabies, distemper and FeLV) and that's going to cost me $800.00 and that's something I have to have done every year. I spend about $1,200 yearly for vet care and it's really getting to be more than I can handle.

Sorry for the rant, I just needed to talk to someone that understands.

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Hi Ellen, and All,

Southern MD vets who are interested in participating in a feral cat program have been scarce, PERIOD -- I don't understand why, but my group is working on that. (Did you yet hear from Tom or Paula? I know they've been busy, and I didn't get a chance to ask them if they tried you).

Langley Animal Hospital's vet seems to be interested and capable. It's in Hyattsville, and yes, I know that's not Southern Maryland either. But if you have just one or two cats, try contacting them. I am told that they can often fit in a feral speuter midweek. I have never been to Langley AH, but I've been impressed by the staff's intelligence and willingness to help.

Ellen, lots of people ask their vets for a "rescue rate," and some vets will offer it even if you are an individual. If you haven't asked, your vet can't say "yes." So try it. You know that the required vaccination is just rabies, every three years, after the initial shot, right? (I realize that you may have reasons for wanting to give the others, but you should know they are not legally required). The Association of Feline Practitioners has issued updated vaccination guidelines -- requiring less frequent and fewer vaccinations overall. It might make sense to review them again if it's been a while -- you might be over-vaccinating the cats.

How about the Lucky Ones clinic, will they help with some of this, or are their hours impractical for you?

I'd love to be able to expand our program more, but we could not make the case effectively enough that what you say is true -- that there are NOT enough spay/neuter resources in our area, even yet. Our latest grant proposal was turned down so we're still only able to offer to defray expenses.

If you are comfortable working with a group that refuses to start or work with a TNR program, then the SPCA and Humane Society of Prince George's County has a clinic in Forestville MD. They've got the funding, while my group has the TNR program. Their clinic sometimes does free speuters. Be aware that in the recent past, the sponsoring organization had a volunteer who willingly went and trapped and removed cats, with no significant effort to educate callers as to why the cats were there. I know I'm ranting here, but -- I have not yet seen any change toward TNR or to help caretakers, in the organization. Their board STILL thinks feral cats lead "short, miserable lives." I always try to work with groups that at least know a little about and favor TNR, but I understand that if you are going broke, you may have little choice.
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Ellen...what an amazing thing you are doing for your ferals...but Linda is correct...they only need a rabies vaccination every 3 years. I would suggest you concentrate your efforts of spaying/neutering and keep a log for rabies. I think asking your local vets is a very good idea....obviously we are all working towards a common goal and if you don't ask..you won't know what vets are "feral friendly" and which ones aren't. Good Luck!!!

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Hi Linda and Katie,

I asked my vet 2 years about a rescue rate but he said they offer a 10% multi cat discount but nothing more. I didn't even know about that discount and it dosen't cover everything. I just wanted a break for sick visits. Since I was getting my cats S/N at Perworth I didn't need a discount from my vet to have that done.

I know about the 3 year rabies vaccine but my vet only gives the 1 year vaccine. The 3 year can cause Sarcoma and the 1 year which is a different vaccine is suppose to be safer. I could do without the distemper shot but 2 ferals showed up with Leukemia a few years ago and I don't want to take a chance. I will check the Association of Feline Practitioners to she what they recomend.

I had all of my cats S/N over two years ago (23) but I have some new arrivals that I want to get fixed. I'm going to call Lucky Ones tomorrow to find out when they have their clinic. It used to be on Tuesday and Thursday but they told me to always call first because somethimes it gets changed.

I would have to be desperate before I went to the "Unhumane Society" for help. They were very rude and nasty to me when I first started caring for ferals and made the mistake of asking them if they would help me find homes for them. Back then I didn't know anything about "Feral Cats". I just thought these cats were just strays.

I haven't heard from Tom or Paula yet. I figured they were busy. In the meantime I'm going to be looking for a new vet. They totally pissed me off on Wednesday when I was there with Robbie. Langley is quite a ways from here and I have never been there but I'll keep them in mind. A co-worker told me she takes her dogs to a vet in Bowie and she just loves him. I thoulght I would check him out.

Thanks for all of your help.

Take care,
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Ellen..all I have to say is if I were a feral cat..I'd want to live in your colony. Wow...you take really good care of those kitties!! You may want to contact Alley Cat Allies about their agreement with the Washington Animal League...see if you can find out when they will start having feral cat clinics.

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<<You may want to contact Alley Cat Allies about their agreement with the Washington Animal League...see if you can find out when they will start having feral cat clinics.>>

Yeah, I will. Having a free clinic and a feral clinic should really make a difference in the amount of kittens that show up in shelters in this area. I'm going to join up with Linda's group to help with the TNR.


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