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Some new pics - Page 2

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Gr8 pics of you two and your darling fur-babies! Your two orange tabbies remind me of my Tiger
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Oh the last two are brilliant! , especially the one where you are both looking at the camera
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hehe can you see Tigger inconspicuously getting in the picture with Roo and me?

here are some more pics

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Lovely Roo!
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I just love your cats!
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What beautiful cats you have.
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They are all so cute, especially that kanga! Great pics....keep em coming!!!
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Dang it now I want an orange kitty.

Your cats are just beautiful...I just love a furry kitty belly.
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Your kitties are sooo cute!!!!
They sure know how to relax!!!
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Here are some new ones from today... ok now I really need to get off the comp and get some cleaning done.

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Wow Kanga has grown up to be a big boy! Great pics of all three of your cats and the two of you!!!
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Thanks Ginger. Kanga is growing up way too fast
He's as big as the other cats and he's NOT EVEN A YEAR OLD YET!

I was going through some pictures and I got hit with nostalgia when I saw his baby pictures. My baby!
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they are all very cute
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ok here are some more I took JUST NOW

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They certainly do know how to share! Love the one of you getting kisses! Kanga has such a beautiful tail!
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I love the one of you and Roo kissing Too cute!!
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just a bump
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Tamme, thanks for the bump! Kanga is growing up so quickly! I like the one where Roo looks to be saying "Please won't you let me rest for just a minute!"! Tigger poses so pretty! I've never noticed until now, Tigger's purple collar and heart ID are just like Sierra's! I believe I'm going to get her one of those personalized embroydered collars for her Birthday!
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Tamme- Sorry I haven't seen this thread until now. What a beautiful bunch of photos. Your cats are gorgeous! Especially Kanga, oh what a big boy he is now! Thanks so much for sharing.
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no prob, keep checking back for updates!
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Here are some new ones taken today

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OMG how cute . Great pics of your cats , like always
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Great pics of your cats, love them all, especially since I can see their personality right through those pic shots of yours
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Ever the lovely babes!
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Wonder what Tigger was thinking? Beautiful window shots and such a sweet sleeping picture!
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Just looked back at these latest pics, and saw something I didn't see last night -- you have a finger chewer! My old girl (RB) Shasta was like that -- never met another cat who did it -- until now.
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Wow, what great pics of your babies............just want to give them all a kiss!

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