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I sponsored a kitty!

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On the 9th of April Darrell and I went into our local S.P.C.A. to 'just look around and torture ourselves' when I fell in love with this grey, long haired, long nosed, bright eyed, skinny, PURRING lump of mushiness. http://www.spca.bc.ca/victoria/cats/william12799.jpg

I just fell in love with him on the spot but not only could we not have another cat, this cat would not be good in our home. (Because he is so shy he needs a quiet home and our three cats is not a quiet home)
So Darrell said we could sponsor him. so we paid for all his shots and adoption fee and everything so he's free to a good home so to speak. They said they wouldn't advertise that he's sponsored because they don't want someone coming in and saying "what's your cheapest cat" and taking him home, ya know? So... I don't know if he's gone yet or not but I keep checking the site.

Isn't he cute?
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He's beautiful Tamme! Good for you guys for sponsoring him!!!
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Good for you! We sponsor cats at the local shelter, generally ones with health or behavioral problems. Last December, our last "beneficiary", Norman, a beautiful black cat with food allergies, was adopted right before Christmas by a very nice young couple, and we were thrilled. He and another "cat home" cat have found a wonderful home. I still visit him, and he is one happy cat. Right now we're sponsoring another black cat, Bonita. She's around 2, and a real biter. We're hoping that somebody will take her in, and that she'll adjust to humans enough that she stops "biting the hand that feeds her".
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She is really gorgeous, I shouldn't think it would be too long before she finds a good home. What a lovely thing to do. I'm wondering if they do the sponsorship here in the UK. Will have to find out.
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That was so sweet of you!
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OOOOO! I"d take him but if he wouldn't work out with three cats, four might be bad too???? I love tabbies! I'd love to take him and give him so much spoilin and kitty kisses but I can't. Good for you sponsoring him though! he's georgous!!!!!!!!!
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He's so beautiful.
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Good for you!!!.
I also sponsor whats called a cat cabin here in the UK with The Cat Protection, and also send in a regular donations so they can spay/neuter, and give them their shots.
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YAY!!! What a beautiful baby!!! It's a good feeling isn't it?? There wasn't an adoption fee for Summer because she had been at the shelter for more than a year. We felt guilty because we didn't know about that policy and Summer was the biggest sweetheart in the world, so we donated our money for another kitty who had special needs, due to the anxiety of losing his last owner. His last owner became homeless and was gonna let the kitty out in the woods. He is still there, but I heard he is getting a lot better.....hopefully the kitties we sponsered find a good home soon hey?
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That is so kind of you to do that. You're right he is just precious.
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I was so shocked when I saw that pic because he looks SO much like my cat, Einstein!

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Ahh, Tamme he's adorable.
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Congrats on sponsoring the cat!!!

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