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It Got Dark and Stormy Here This Morning

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Here's a couple pics from my back door

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Did you have hail? It was a very dark sky, and heavy heavy rain, and then about 20 minutes of hail. I wondered if that was just local (downtown Hamilton) or if it hit any of the agricultural areas. Big hail stones too.
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I didn't hear any hail.... but it came down pretty good for awhile... they are calling for more later today.... I'll ask the GF she lives near downtown Hamilton.
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Oh great. My cats are scared. And there was actually hail accumulated on the ground.
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oooooooooooh! Sounds so exciting! I used to live in North Bay Ont. and we had the best electical storms. ahh I miss all that stuff. Don't get any of that here.
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OOOOO! don't send those my way! Luna hates thunder rain and so do I!The other cats and Brad dont' mind it but I get so nervous and so does Luna, she ends up behind our toilet (the loudest place in my opinion! LOL!) waiting for it to stop!
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It is dark here also- NC USA...but only because it's already almost 9 pm! Was great day here- I hope everything went just fine- whenever you are there! My little cat never heard a rain yet- I hope when it gets stormy ( and it really can- last September we had HUGE hurricane here named Isabelle) I just really hope I'll be home with my kitty, so he won't feel so scary....aaawwww....
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Ooh I love storms! Nothing better than an afternoon thunderstorm in the summer...so long as you are inside, don't have to be anywhere, and don't lose power or anything like that!
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I live in southern MN, and we're having stormy weather here too. Last night we had tornado warnings and thunderstorms with heavy rain. As the day went on today, it just kept getting more and more windy, and then we started getting really strong wind gusts. Right now I can hear the wind whipping the tree branches around, and can feel it pushing really hard against the outside walls of the house...it's making me feel kind of nervous
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