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Cat Site Story

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Don't knowif anyone will find this fun but it could turn out very funny. We make our own story up, entering a couple of sentences each. Just in case I will start off:

Chloe was walking through the woods carrying her empty cat basket. She was on her way to picking up her newest member of the family, and she was deep in thought and excited about the prospect of her first kittie.
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(what fun!)

She had spent the entire week kitty-proofing the house and stocking up on all the necessary supplies in preparation for her new addition. She would have her very own snuggly bed and a beautiful crystal dish.
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Chloe smiled to herself as she walked down the woodland path, up ahead of her she saw a small cottage with briar roses around the door.
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Chloe clutched hold of her shiny new cat box and stepped on to the fallen log to cross the stream. She missed her footing and fell headlong into the water. She looked down at her new cat box and it was full of mud and was so smelly. Oh No!
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Chloe picked herself and the dirty and smelly cat box up, and decided to go to the small cottage with briar roses around the door for help. She didn't want to be late picking up her first kitty. She knocked on the door, and a very old and scruffy-looking cat answered.
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He looked her up and down and stuck his nose up in the air in disgust. "May I come in?" she asked. Old Georgie's hair rose up on his back but he remembered his manners and opened the door widely, much against his better judgment.
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Feeling a bit unwanted,and a little nervous,she kindly said to the elderly cat "Iam here to pick up my new kitty,you know where he is?"
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Georgie licked his whiskers, shook his head and let out one enormous blood curdling scream, which brought the lady of the house running to him.
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"Look what the cat dragged in" he bellowed to his wife.
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Old Georgie's wife said to Chloe: "Oh my goodness, I hope my husband didn't scare you, he's old and a bit touched in the head." "My name is Midnight" (it was a proper name, she was completely black with the biggest yellow eyes Chloe had ever seen). "My name is Chloe, ma'am, and I have to pick up my new kitty, but I fell in the water and got all dirty, and my cat box is ruined!" And Midnight said, "We'll have to get you all cleaned up, and then you have to go to The Cat Hospital to get your baby.

Jill and Candy
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After Chloe had been cleaned up she noticed a plant pot full of catnip and just could not resist. When she went down the stairs she full of soil from the plant pot but Georgie and his wife pretended not to notice, because they both realised that cats were absolutely unpredictable. They piled on to the scooter and went off together to pick this luck furbabe up.
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The ride on the scooter proved to be rather bumpy and Georgie began whining and complaining about his behind. Midnight meant to pat him gently but the scooter suddenly jumped as it hit a hole on the road. Midnight slapped her husband's face. "So, you want to play rough?" Georgie mumbled.
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"Georgie!" Midnight whispered, "this is neither the time nor the place for that, wait until we get home!" Midnight looked very embarrassed as she turned to Chloe and said, "My dear, we still have a little ways to go, what are you going to name your new baby?"

Jill and Candy
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Chloe jumped out of her daydream, she was beginning to think she would never get her new baby. "I have been thinking a few different names, he is a silver and black tabby, with the most beautiful green eyes." Chloe sighs. "Have you got any suggestions?"
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midnight said,"sure, ummmm, lets see. I used to have one called sammie, or sampson if its a boy, did that help at all?"
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Chloe thought about it for a minute and said "with all due respect, I think I would rather name my furbaby something different, I am searching for a name that is a name no other cat has." This made Georgie stop dead in his tracks. "Are you telling me that you don't like the names that Midnight has suggested?"
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Chloe, a little taken aback by the bluntness of the question, replied softly, "It is not that I did not like them, they are indeed very good names, however I'm not sure that either one is the most fitting. Do you perchance have any name suggestions, something very unique?"
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Midnight felt a bit discouraged but tried to hide his hurt, "well how about Aristotle, Pedro, Sebastian, or Squishy-Squashy?"
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"Or how about Jenny-Any-Dots or Bun-Muppie or Kelly-Ka-Lee?" the names just came on in...there are so many we want to only think of a few. Georgie thought about these names and thought these are rather cute and sillly-sounding. She wondered though, would any of the names fit the new kitty's personality?
With those names in her mind, they kept on walking.
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