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The Royal Flush

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You think you had a bad night? Well, here is the topper for you. I was at a party this evening. I went in to use the restroom. The pants I was wearing had no pockets so I had my keys hanging in the waistband. I had just flushed the toilet and somehow, don't ask me how, but as I turned toward the sink, my sleeve got caught on the keys, and in one swift slam dunk, they flew out and right into the toilet in mid-flush!

I made a wild grab for them. I mean, I was in up to the elbow, but down the drain they went in a millisecond.

Talk about embarrassing! I was mortified! Of course, I had to tell the hostess, as I was then in the gigantic dilemma of how in the hell was I supposed to get home! I didn't know whether to or

The hostess, who is one of the nicest people on earth, lent me her car so I could at least go home and grab my spare car key.

Upon my return, I found out that they must be stuck somewhere in the pipe because the toilet is now out of commission. So, after the plumber comes, I may yet live to see my whole set of keys again.

What a night!
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wow deb!!!!!! and I thought i had a bad night!
I wouldnt have known wether to laugh or cry either
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ROTFL! I am sorry Deb but the visual of you going toilet fishing ! LOL

Ok I am sorry- BAD MA laughing at a friend's misfortune!

I am glad the waitress gave you her car to use - I hope they don't stick you with the plumbing bill- if they do, maybe you can flush it!
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AAAAAAAARGH! What a bummer!
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hehe. But really if you had not already flushed, you may be faced with a bigger dilemma. I know of several friends whose cellphone fell into the loo. The question for them is should they leave it there or stick their hand down with the rest of the "stuff." After all the cellphone is already destroyed in the water.
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You poor thing. Imagine how many times you're going laugh about this. What a Night!!
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A couple of months ago, my cellphone fell out of the pocket of my suit jacket and into the toilet. At least, I had already flushed. Thank goodness, cellphones are cheap! I'm grateful that it wasn't my cigarettes. I can get through a day without a cellphone but, cigarettes - NO!
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Originally Posted by katl8e
I can get through a day without a cellphone but, cigarettes - NO!
Cindy, you kill me. Knowing the people present at this gig last night, I am imagining that they will not let it die. I'll be hearing about this faux pas for some time to come.
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Ack Deb, sorry your night went down the crapper (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Hope this plumber fella gets yer keys out! Make sure you wash them first!
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That's so funny. I feel sorry for you too though. I am glad the hostess was nice enough to let you use her car. Are all of the keys replacable?
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus
Ack Deb, sorry your night went down the crapper (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Hope this plumber fella gets yer keys out! Make sure you wash them first!
Now that's too funny! Kiwideus you crack me up!
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It cracked me up as well! LOL.

Message to us all, carefull or it might go down the pan!!!!.
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Rosiemac, wouldn't that be, wear pants with pockets or don't pee?
Sorry deb, this is us laughing WITH you, not AT you!
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So Deb how did work go today? Did you have lots of PUN?
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Let's see.....I had a picture of a toilet taped to my ID badge. "Bob" from the "Water and Sewer Department" called to tell me to come and pick up my keys. I was given a keychain that said, "Keys I Haven't Lost Yet".

Then, later, the woman whose toilet I so graciously put out of commission showed up with my keys and keychain, completely intact. I am also pleased to report that the remote that unlocks my doors works like a charm, despite spending 24+ hours in less-than-ideal conditions. Remind me to write Ford a letter commending them.

Things have died down, but I know my co-workers too well. This is not the last I have heard of the key incident.
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LOL! Well laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone-
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Awwww Deb! That's a bit of a bummer! Glad to hear you have your keys back!

You crack me up girl.
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At least you and your co-workers know how to have a good laugh. Glad that you have your keys back, and thank goodness it didn't go further than where it got stuck.

But man, did I have a good laugh just reading your post.
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Deb, I'm glad you hear you got you keys back and all intact! sorry to raz you but you have to admit, it was pretty funny!!! my bad!
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