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Hi There!

Ive been lurking about for a few weeks and have decided that it is time to introduce myself. I am the Mom of five fabulous felines:

Satchel- A beautiful boy who showed up out of the woods on our property and adopted us. He is our alphacatboy...the leader of the pack.
Nigel- Another beauty boy who followed Satchel home. He was beat up, starving and looking for some TLC.
Weena- Our tiny little wee girl who came from a local shelter and is our resident hellion/tomboy/lovebug.
Luna- Our shy girl. She just vants to be alooone. She purrs up a storm though!
Chelsea- CheChe is our newest furbaby. She is 14 years old and will have been here two weeks tomorrow. She is a beautiful chocolate persian who was a dump at a not so local shelter. She was transported here to her retirement home and has been a gem.

Im an ex pet groomer, thanks to carpal tunnel. I look forward to jumping into some conversations and making some new friends!
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HEHE...the pic of Weena too!!
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Welcome to TCS!! Your cats are gorgeous!!

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WElcome to TCS !!!

Your kitties are all beautiful.
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Welcome to TCS. You're cats are real beauties. How can anyone abandon such kitties. They have landed on their feet now though. Any pics of Chelsea?
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Welcome to the site! Your kitties are definitely gorgeous. It's funny, you can definitely see their purr-sonalities in their photos, at least Luna and Weena.

Feel free to jump in anywhere on the board! Explore the forums and when you find something interesting or where you can help, just start posting. We're a real friendly bunch here, and I look forward to getting to know you on the board!
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Welcome to TCS! What a beautiful family you have. i agree with Valanhb. Luna and Weena really do exhibit the exact personality traits you describe in their pictures !
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Hope to see Chelsea soon!
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It is really great to have you and your cats here!!!! I am sure we all be good friends!!!!
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I gotta say.. those are the most beautiful cats.. especially Miss Luna.. absolutely stunning.. I just want to reach out and pet her white fur!! Congrats on such a great looking and I'm sure loving bunch,

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OMG , your baby's look so pretty . Weena reminds me with her look of my Mellisa (xferal) .
Do you have a pic of your 14 year old Persian ? I would love to see a pic of her . I do have 4 Persian myself and all come from rescue .
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Welcome to TCS. Beautiful kitties
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Welcome to TCS to you and all your furbabies ... they are so very beautiful and majestic looking. You are so kind to take them all in and give them a loving home. I hope you like it here.
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hello and welcome to the site your babies are cuties
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