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Cat tree

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well here it is, the cat tree my dad made for me. I can't believe how huge it is! the top platform is bigger than a manhole cover!

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I wan't one of those so bad!!! The one's at the pet stores cost $200+. My babies just love to play queen of the mountain. My dad built me a scratching post once but that is long gone now. I asked my Fiance if he would build me one and he said he would but we would have to go to the petstore to check them out first. I don't know if he would ever get around to it though.
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Wow! That is so cool. Your Dad is very talented. He could make money doing that. I hope your babies like it (once they come out from hiding, that is )

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AP, You're dad did a wonderful job! How do your kitties like it? I've been telling my husband for a couple years now that it would real nice if he would build something like that for our cats. Maybe someday if he can find the time.
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How did your dad make one.
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Can I just say that my dad is the best?!?!!?!?

I wanted a cat tree, but they are so much $$$ and my dad is really handy, and I knew it would mean a lot to me to have one that my dad made. I called him up & asked him if he was game to make one. He said sure. I sent him some email links that showed him what I wanted (thanks Sandie ) but said to do it however was easiest for him.

He researched the sites I gave him, because most of them listed what they made the cat trees out of, he went to petsmart and looked at what they had, and he spent a lot of time at the hardware store picking out stuff.

When I first emailed my dad with the links & asked him if he could make one )this was back about 2 months ago) he emailed me back 'sure, but not now.'

I was shocked that he got on it as soon as he did. I think he was up for the challenge.

I was absolutely blown away by how professional it looks. I never expected it to look so good. Last night I went online and did some checking and cat trees of that size run anywhere from $200 to $300.

Donna, I'm going to see if he feels like making another
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ABSOLUTELY GEORGEOUS ! So Professional looking. . . How tall is it? I guess he brought it in pieces and then assembled it ? He is Great. Did you get the Cattio put in also? . (is your Dad single?) I'm asking for Donna, (NOT)
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it's about 4 feet hight. He brought it assembled. We had trouble fitting it through the bedroom door but Robert figured out how to get it in

I just called home & my dad is currently re-drywalling my shower stall (where a couple of tiles caved in) and I told him that when he was finished with that to have Robert show him the cattio. I said 'Dad, I already told Robert that you could do it, so don't let me down' he laughed and said ok.

Did I mention my dad is the best?

oh ya & he is married. I'm just trying to get him to make Donna a cat tree.
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Yeah, "Cat Tree"; that's what we'll call it. . . . . . . :dali:
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That looks really great AP!!!! Talented men in the family are always a PLUS!! My husband made one for my kitty a few months ago after we could not get her to stop scratching the carpet in our new house. It is only one post high, but from scratch, only took him an hour to build. He works at a cabinet shop and has a bunch of scrap wood downstairs in our basement. From that scrap he already had the bottom and top cut out (they were from scrap cabinet panels but any flat piece of wood will do). His grandpa had the middle post at his house so he just brought it over, along with scrap carpet. From there, they just sawed away to make correct dimensions and then assembled with a nail gun and glue. We tied a dangling feather under the top level and *viola*!!

Perhaps we should start a small business AP and make cat trees cheaper than you can buy in the stores! We looked around forever before we finally built one and the cheapest ones, like the one we built, were an easy $40 for one level!!
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I told my dad he should start making cat trees when he retires (I can't tell you how good mine looks) to keep busy. Mine was the first one he ever made. He said it wasn't hard to do.

Vlinder, handy men are the best! I just wished my dad didn't live in Indiana. I sure could use his help more than once or twice a year!
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Hey AP,

He really doesn't have to make me one. I already have two and besides, I bought one of those window ledge hammocks. And from what you told me about how big it is, it would cost me a year's salary to ship it. Thanks for thinking of me though.

I was going to suggest you ask your Dad to help put the Cattio in. I'll bet you it'll take him all of 15 minutes. Let me know.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Woops...watch out AP!!!!! You might have to start calling Donna "Mom"!!!
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:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2

Very funny!!! He's married already.
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Colby!!!!!!! Gosh your dad is talented!!!!!!! That cat tree looks amazing!!!! I think he should sell them!!!!! I wish I had one! (a cat tree, AND a dad!....think he would adopt me? )
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Hey Donna...you mean you checked him out?????:goodbad: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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I like the cat tree! I really, really do! Your dad
did a great job on the tree! Thanks so much
for sharing the picture. This will definitely
get a cat out from hiding -- how could they resist?

I feel like I have to apply for a loan to get one
Can you picture going to a bank and asking,
"Hi, I would like a loan.
The loan officer asks, "Sure, Ms. Whiskerkitty,
what do you need this loan for?",
"to buy a cat tree for my persian himmy. Seriously.".
Wonder if it would get approved?
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That is a fantastic tree. They must love it. I wish knew someone who could make one for my guys. I cant afford to buy one. They are so expensive. I know Rocky expecially would love it.
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Airprincess,your cats will have a lovely time playing on the tree,I,ll have to look out for one for Felix,I,m sure he'd love it

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Melissa, here is a pic of the cat tree my dad made me.
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