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She kinda nibbles...

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Well many of you know Everythign I went through with Bast recently. She is all better, the wound healed up a few days ago, and then she went into heat!

Well she is over all teh rowling and such. She is getting back to her old self again. Following me around and just being one big love bug!
But recently she has added something new into our cuddle time...

I will call it Biting Mommy time lol.

She does bite but so softly,gently and slowly it doesnt hurt, but tickles like crazy lol.

She will start with the sucking and biting my fingers, tehn she likes my toes, I do not let her lol, and then my legs.
She will go up and down my leg biting down just hard enough for me to feel pressure, and she looks at me like "I love you mom".
She has never done this b/f anyone know whats going on here?
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If you get her spayed, she will calm down a lot. That will greatly help this problem you are facing with her now.
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Do you know what she is doing it for? Is it a sign of love or...?
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Again it may be soft and gentle now, but as she grows it will get harder and hurt. Spaying her will help to mellow her out and you need to stop this behavior. That is one sure way of doing that.
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She is in heat right now, and her tail is all healed. So when she is past her heat I will be calling the vet.

So it is a domiant/agression thing...
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I don't think love biting is a good idea. It could too easily become a real bite. I adopted Gracie as a love biter and I trained her not to do it. Perhaps you may want to do the same with your kitten. When she is a cat, her teeth can cause major harm.
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Dori's "love bites" were cute when she was little, now they HURT. I can't get her to stop it, so you definately want to quit now while she is young.
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