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Chattering at Birds

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Now that the birds have returend to the patio outside my apartment, Lola sits by the sliding glass door all day and watches them.

She also makes a whole range of noises from little squeaks to kind of a talking/chattering noise. What is this? I don't mind, in fact, it's really cute. But I can't figure out why she does it. If she were hunting the birds, wouldn't these noises scare them off?

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It's a typical prey response, they normally chatter, then if they were out there, they would become very silent and ghost through the grass and grab their prey.
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I love when they do this, its so cute!!
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Many of our cats have "chattered" at the birds, and Miss Kitty and Samwise do it when the seagulls fly by their window perches. We have always felt that our kitties were expressing their frustration at not being able to get outside and have a go at catching them.

All the best, from
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I love when my cats do that....I mean...they can't get to the birds..but the noises they make are quite entertaining.

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(What hissy said)

It is cute when they "chatter" at the birds outside their 'indoor' enviroment, (even when they are in outside enclosures.

Sphinx does it almost everytime he sees a bird. Its cute to us but so frustrating to them....
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My older cat chatters at the birds outside.
My younger cat tends to run along the window sill making a squeaky/whiny noise.

I think its so cute!
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Two of my cats are litter mates and I find it amusing because if one sees a bird outside she begins chittering. Then the other will come running in, stay on the floor and make these kind of responsive sounds to the one on the window sill. The one of the sill will look down at the one on the floor and chitter back. Then both of them are on the sill with their paws on the window chittering and chattering. I swear it is like they are talking with each other.

Isis, the youngest of the three, just looks at the other two confused until she sees what they are squeaking about. Then she joins with them. It is one of the funniest and confusing things if you never heard it before.
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Jamie does the same thing, but I've noticed that he does it silently when he's outdoors on his leash, and thinks he has a chance of catching a bird, whereas he makes a noise when he's indoors watching from a window.
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Milo does this too, sometimes I think he is the greatest chatterer of all time!!!
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This AM I woke up to Twig chattering, I thought he was "talking" to a bird, but it was more of a whiny chatter so I went over to see what was outside thinking there might be another cat outside, nope it was a squirrel! I haven't giggled so early in the AM in a LONG time!
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Jeepers chatters and tries to jump through the window pane when she sees birds. Thank goodness for double glazing!
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Purdy doesn't chatter. Red Cat does, but only if it is a large bird, usually crow or gull. With a small bird of a size he might try to catch, he usually just gets excited, but remains silent. My two are inside-outside cats, though, so they are used to actually stalking birds.
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I think it's so cute when they do this I've noticed Nala and Faline really chatter when they see the birds and lizards, then all 4 cats will when they see a 'critter', they'll all watch alertly and wag their tails back and forth. It's most entertaining to see.
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I remember the 1st time I heard Dori chatter. I had no idea what she was doing! It is so funny. (I thought she was trying to bark because she always hears our downstairs neighbors dog bark, I thought she was imitating ) It is so cute. We are still having some problems with those bees and she chatters at them all the time. She also does it to the laser pointer.
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Rosie does this "all" the time. Birds or not, it's the same noise she makes first thing in the morning when i'm getting ready for work as if to say "don't leave me!".
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My little one does it when I least expect it. She can be on the otherside of the apt in her "condo" and she'll see a bird on the wires outside the window and just starts cackling, as I call it. She'll even get on the floor and crouch down like she's gettin ready to pounce thinking "I have those birds right where I want them". When she was really into the laser pointer she'd do the same thing, but mainly sitting on the window sill watchin the birds, and occasionally the rabbits. I'm sure now she is glad she can do it again, since she's out of Kitty Jail (aka kennel).
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I love it when they chatter! Willow has the cutest little chatter, and I often stand just inches from her and watch her lips crinkle as she chatters. Normally, she doesn't give a single sound, unless you're holding her and she squeals and "warbles" (aka. Turkey-Gobble) in frustration because she want's to be free. Not once have i heard a meow, or any sound when she's happy and comfortable, with the exception of the chatter.

Buffy, Willow's "child", copies Willow in everything, so its only natural that Buffy chatters too. its so adorable to see both cats chattering away at the bluejay up the tree next to the window, lol
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