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Clippers for grooming

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Help I am looking for affordable high quality clippers for grooming (summer cut) Persians. I have about $150.00 I can spend and they have to last! I have purchased inexpencive clippers and have yet had one pair last through one of my kitties coats. Any help would be appreciated!
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Goto a human hair cutting place, a higher end one prolly.

Find out what brands they use.

Look around for those, commercial grade hair cutters. You will probably have much success.

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Thanks for the info I'll see what I can find out.
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Oster is a professional grooming clipper, as is Andis. You could also search in pet grooming, on line, and see what else is offered
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I prefer the Andis line over the Oster, mostly because they fit in your hand better (I have small hands) and there are no air vents to blow fur everywhere! They seem to be quieter, too. You probably won't need a 2-speed. If you're only clipping your own cat, the Andis ProPet clipper or Andis AG 1 speed will probably do just fine. Wahl is another reputable manufacturer (sp?), but I've never used it. And for the lion clip, you'll need a #10 blade...which usually comes with the clipper.
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Thanks thh20 for posting... My vet had a clipper that I thought was great and I didn't bother to write down what kind it is, but from your description it's likely an Oster as it did have a fan in it. I liked it because it did the job very well and was amazingly quiet. I'm still not so sure I could do this sort of thing by myself anyway, but thanks for the information!
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Originally Posted by Monica's Six
I'm still not so sure I could do this sort of thing by myself anyway, but thanks for the information!
If you want to try in a place that's not likely to be very visible if your cats object, try clipping the belly first. That's usually one of the touchier places, and if they let you do the belly, chances are, they'll let you do the rest. And remember to NEVER clip against the grain, as a cat's skin is very elastic and can easily get caught in the teeth if you're not careful. Don't feel you have to do it all in one shot either. Get the belly and as much as the cat will tolerate in one sitting, and come back and do the rest another day if you see your cat is starting to freak out. And trust me, I've seen cats freak... it's scary!!

Good luck!
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