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need some support!!!!

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Hello guys! It's me again.....Well, yesterday, when I got home from work Simba was stuck to a safty sticker on the fridge wire- I took him out and everything was just great! Then I cut his nails off- he fall asleep while I was doing that and then I did a bath for him- he didn't really mind! And even didn't mind from the hair dryer- we absolutely in love with each other- he gives me purrs every time I touch him, and then gently bites my nose, and mmostly likely thinks I am his mommy....well, when my rommate got home and my boyfriend after wroking all day- I was so excited about what me and Simba did today...I was so unhappy and so upset when they started to argue with me telling me- that I am making from him a pillow, that I don't have to spend so much time with him and cutting the nails is terrible thing. Also to rpoove me wrong- that a kitty enjoys playing with the hands- they started to tease Simba with hands and feets together and I couldn't stop them. Of course I know he enjoys it, but I would like him rather enjoy toys- what he's starting to do just great! The won't listen to me at all.... What am I doing wrong? I just want our kitty to be a good bo after he becomes adult cat!
what should I do?
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Don't listen to them, stay on the course you have set for you and Simba and next time they play with simba with their hands, take a toy on a string and distract simba to play with you Trimming claws is a GOOD thing, cutting the quick is a bad thing
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Remind them that it may be cute and funny and painless now, but when Simba gets older (and his claws bigger) those playful swats and nips will really hurt. It's best to train him as you mean to go on, changing the rules when he starts to get too big will just confuse the poor baby.

You are in the right here
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Thank you, guys! I am trying really really to be his mommy, but I am not trying to make him a pillow!!!!
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