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Kitten pics!!

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Well,some didn't take good at all.I think I was a little too close to them,but oh well,here are a few of the better one's.

When I first got them.About 1 week old.See how my "supposed" foster cat "mothered" them?LOL.

Notice one of my cats(Oreo)being nosy.LOL.He doesn't like them at all.He doesn't go after them or anything,but if they come near him he growls..hisses..then runs.LOL.

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OMG how cute . I really want to and snuggle them all
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Aww how cute!
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awww babies is there anything cuter? they are so lovely our cat had 3 babies yesterday
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AWWWWW. What precious little kittens.
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Awwwwww, cuteness overload
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Sooooooo sweeeeeeeeeet!!
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AWWW, what a cute little kittens!!! Love all of them!!!
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They are just SO adorable and cute ... I just want to hug them to pieces! Thanks for sharing ... the new ones are just a must see for me.
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Its hard to find anything cuter than those kittens! They are precious little sweethearts. Must...take...home...with...me.....
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Awwww how precious
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They are soooo cute. The momma kitty is beautiful herself
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All those kitties are just too cute for words.

Jill and Candy
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Just adorable.
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Aww... they are adorable
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