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Mrs. Black's LAST litter

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The beautiful abandon Mrs. Black is now a resident of my home.
She gave birth to 5 gorgeous kittens on April 9, 2004,Good Friday.
It will be her LAST litter for she can now be spayed as soon as she is ready.(finished nursing her kittens).
She was abandon by a neighbor 2 years ago and I have been trying to catch her since then.
She has had 5 litters since that time.Oneherkittens from her first litter is still alive and I care for her. Two of her kittens from her second litter are still alive and under my care as well. One kitten from her third litter is still alive and living under my trailer with the rest of them. NO kittens from her fourth litter survived. I don't know what happened to them but I know she gave birth but I have never seen any of the kittens. Now she has 5 kittens who will NOT be feral and will have a chance. Yes, I already have their appointment confirmed to be spayed and neutered!! The horrible cycle for poor Mrs. Black will end NOW. She is an older cat and a very experienced and good mother cat. I know she is at least 6 years old for that is how long I have lived where I live now and she was there when I moved there. She now will be able to live the rest of her life comfortably and with no more children.
She is a beautiful all black cat and she is so sweet and nice. I lost her for a while in Dec. and Jan. but she surfaced again in Feb. all skinny and sickly and pregnant. She unfortunatley lost part of one of her ears to frostbite. I believe she got trapped somewhere outside. I feared she had died.
Thanks for listening. This really is a major accomplishment for me and my neighborhood as well as for Mrs. Black and all her babies. Two years ago there were 23 feral cats in my immediate vicinity..now there are 8.
Love and Life,
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Fantastic!! Such great news for Mrs. Black and her kittens!!! Good job!
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Nan...that is FANTASTIC news...and Mrs. Black will be sooo happy to have no further litters.

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What a good job you have made of it all. Good Luck to Mrs. Black.
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How wonderful! Bravo to you for saving this poor momma cat! You are a good soul.
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That's great news. Congradulations and a big bravo to you. And good luck to Mrs. Black and her Kittens.
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