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Return of the Queen

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After a long time off I am finally back and able to get in here and catch up....Just wanted to say howdy to everyone, especially Sam... hows Holly? I so love that cat! I want I want Of all the cats I see it's her I always just go ahhhh over!

I finally got my site up and running I only have my 2 breeding cats at the moment but we are slowly getting there! I hope you guys go and visit the site and watch it grow! If you are not a fast connection it will take time to load but I hope it's worth it!

I have killed myself getting it done and it's still not completed lol and Sam..I have a odd way of displaying my links on my site to other breeders..but I am so so tempted to put your banner of Holly on there because I love it so ..


Tim (Aubs) <--nick name
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That's a very nice website!!! Even though it did load for a little while to get to the front page (I have dsl too).

It is designed very beautifully and looks like you put a lot of work into it.

Keep up the great work on it!
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Thank you, I am just glad it's finally on the web lol..make sure you guys sign the guest book
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It is a great website , but it take a long time to load for me . But it is worth the wait . I also have DSL
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I just tried it and got a 404 Error.....
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Originally Posted by Imagyne
I just tried it and got a 404 Error.....
I tried it again now and got the same thing...
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oooh i'm in the UK and was really interested in seeing your babies, but im getting the whole error thing too>
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Got the error too.

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Yep, I got the error too.

Hi Aubs! Nice to see you back! Holly's good thanks, she has the most beautiful son(he's 5 months old), he's really really amazing. Holly's just getting over her litter and we might be showing her later in the year. If you wanna link to me, go to my site http://geocities.com/WellingtonCats/Welcome and then my links page and my banners there. Thanks for thinking of me and thanks for the PM.

Hope everythings well.
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I just contacted Freewebs ...they r makin me mad! I am paying a fortune to host this site there I have been told to give this link but when I linked my domain name to it ....it won't work Grrr

So try this one

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