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I was going to try and just slip back on in

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But I figured you all wouldn't have that! :laughing2

I've been away on an extended vacation from the net. I've a lot of catching up to do here I see!

I most likely won't be on as frequently as I was before. I don't really understand why, but after a week or so of not getting online, I started feeling...not so depressed anymore. I like this starnge new feeling

I've missed you guys though!
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Oh you've been missed too Illusion!!!
So happy to see you're back girl!
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Welcome back! I'm glad you're not so depressed anymore! Sometimes it's good to just take a break from everything and get your head back in order.

(And you're right, you'd never be allowed to just slip back in! )
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Welcome back! I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Depression is a bitch, isn't it?? I've had it for years and it can hit you at the most inopportune moments. Thank goodness for medication! "Better Living with Pharmaceuticals" is what I say.

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Hey Man err girl... that's my line....

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There was a study done last year that found significantly higher levels of depression in frequent users of the internet. But..it is not clear whether being on the net for a long time each day leads to depression or whether people who are depressed are more likely than non-depressed people to be on the net (or there may be something else going on here).

So...your experience supports that piece of research!

I'm glad you're feeling better.
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We have missed you, too, illusion....but if not being online so much is better for you, than we can understand, as long as you promise to pop in once in awhile and say hi!
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I thought your post was just an illusion!
Tee-hee sorry, I know that is lame but I
couldn't resist as I love your sign on

It is nice to meet you, as you can tell
I have a crazy sense of humor at times! What is
life without laughter -- we need to laugh! It is
so nice to meet another cat lover! Can you post
a picture of your kitty (or kitties)?
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Dear Illusion,

I think the Internet can become an addiction and as with all addictions anyone would be depressed. I think what you are feeling now is fantastic...Breaking away from the net is GREAT! I know for myself, that at times I stay on for hours. Now, that I'm back to work...I can't believe how great I feel myself! :laughing2 Glad to join you in your happiness
Here's a little cartoon that may reflect how some take this a bit too far! :laughing2
Love, Peace &

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Catarina!!!!!!!!! That cartoon is hilarious!!!!!!!!! :laughing:
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