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How can I take a vacation

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I have 6 cats. I’ve had them for 6 years. My apartment is on ground level and I took out 3 flaps of a shutter for them to have access to the outdoors. I live next to a park and all has been well with them. I rarely have friends over and when someone other than myself enters the apartment, most of them run to get outside or hide. I feed them dry food in 2 bowls that are always full for them to go to if they are hungry and also give them a can of cat food a day (2 when I could afford it) at night when I return home from work. I want to go on a vacation for about a week and am wondering how I should deal with this situation. Can I just leave them a lot of dry food? What will happen when they don’t see me? I’ve seen them everyday since they were born. Also, friends who I would trust to feed them a can and not use my apartment, thusly possibly scaring them, live far away, and make this not practical. I may be able to find someone who lives closer by? If so advised. Do I have to/can I prepare them for not seeing me?

Thanks for your help.
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If you were going to be gone just a few days, it would be okay to take a chance and leave enough food, but because you are going to be gone a week you might find a pet sitter near you that could qualify for caring for your cats. Because what if something happens and you can't get home in a week? Who looks out for them then?

Also, I would normally have pm'd you about this, but your signature that you left here was against the guidelines of the board, so it has been edited out. There was no way to get ahold of you to let you know, and with the recent upgrade, our guidelines have not been reinstated, so you had no way of knowing.
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you can email me here:
if your email address doesn't have "Hissy" in it, lease type "Hissy" in the subject.
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