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Missed y'all

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Hi, all.

I have had big bad internet problems for about a week and finally it got squared away today. Yay!

I missed you guys and the chance to talk cats with someone. None of my off-line friends currently owns a cat, you know how it is.

Blackie and Sparky say "hi" too.
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Hi and welcome back Sunliion!
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Sunlion; Welcome back online!! Hope all keeps running smoothly!!! Cyber Demons can be very frustrating. . . . I o hope everything is fine with your 2 and 4 legged families.
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Welcome Back! I know how frustrating it is when you can't get online. I have cable modem service from AT&T and I swear it goes out all the time, for a day or two at a time. I love the service, but I hate it when it goes out. Of course, when the cable modem goes out, the cable TV does too, so it's a double wammy.
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Dear SunLion...Hi there! I'm glad you resolved your Internet problems! Ugh! I know how that could be!

Love, Peace &
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Oh, if only the internet problems were resolved!

The first problem was with AT&T (Dawn and I live pretty near each other). They had an issue with their router, something called the "Richardson R-back" (Richardson is a local city) that affected only Mac users in the Dallas area.

Then our airport went out. That is, the "AirPort" is the central hub for the wireless network at our house, so none of the computers could get online. We are not using the AT&T software because it does not support the airport, so when they made their correction, it affected our connection. Took several more days to figure that out.

Now the power cord for my laptop has broken and I cannot charge my battery! What's that old line from Roseanne Rosannadanna on the original Saturday Night Live, "If it's not one thing, it's two things". Oy, such a week! Anyway, the little peg in the male end of the connector has become firmly embedded in the female part that it connects to, so even tho' the cord and the computer were separated, the peg itself detached and stayed stuck. Now the machine has to go back to Apple for the repair. I tried to get it out myself but I don't have a pair of tweezers skinny enough.

Sometimes I can use hubby's laptop when he's home, but still I'm kind of stuck. Which is why I'm posting in the middle of the night!
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Hi Sunlion :angel2:

OY is Right!!!! RRRRRRRRRRR It seems like everyone's having problems lately. Either with the computer itself or from getting hit with a virus. I just got over that new one..."Bad Trans" UGH! Drove me wacko...good luck getting that piece out...it can be soooooo frustrating at times; but you'll be back up in no time Make light of it; I think the darn thing has a mind of it's own and gives in when we quit be so impatient :laughing2

A new t-shirt coming out!

Enjoy your days without the steenking thing!
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Welcome back. I know what you went through as my monitor gave out for about a week and I had to use a tiny screen. It drove me nuts and gave me headaches. I was really happy when the new screen arrived.

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