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Cats and Loyalty

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I'm in need of help because I'm starting to take this personal. My kitty-girl Hallie is the sweetest thing I've ever known. She used to love laying in bed with me, sitting on the couch with me, and following me around. Every since my parents moved in with me ( about 3 months ago), she will not have anything to do with me now. If I put her on my bed,she runs back into my parents room. If I bring her to the couch, she runs to my parents room. If she's sitting in the hallway and I open my bedroom door she runs into my parents room. I know she's not a dog. I know cat's don't have masters but this sort of hurts my feelings. I know it sounds silly even petty but I miss our time together. I don't understand what's going on. Did I do something? Please help. I just want to make sure that it isn't me. She such an affectionate little thing and she still is just not with me.
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Please don't take this personal, some cats are resistant to change and like routine. By moving your parents into your house, you upset her routine. And who knows, perhaps one of your parents is currying her favor by feeding her special treats when you are not looking.

If you are sure she is healthy, eating well and drinking water and not having litter pan accidents, the quickest way for her to want you if for you to ignore her. See to her creature comforts, food, water, scooping out her litter box, but other than that ignore her. In time, she will miss the interaction and come to you headbumping and demanding that YOU pay attention to HER. Right now, she is adjusting to new smells, new house vibrations and new noises, if she is healthy, she will come around to you in time.
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Our kitties can hurt us because we love them so much. But they always make the rules up. Hope it is not too long before things are back to normal for you. I'm sure it will happen we just can't force it.
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This sort of thing happened to me. Dori loved me and cuddled with only me for the 1st 10 months of her life. I am the only one who feeds her, takes her to the vet, gives her treats, toys etc. She was ALWAYS with me at home. Then one day all of a sudden for no reason it stopped. She is now "Daddy's little girl". SHe loves my boyfriend to death, even though he used to pay no attention to her. It hurt me the most when I would walk in from work and she would be sleeping and look up for one sec then go back to sleep, like I was nobody I started ignoring her when I walked in the door. I walk into the bedroom and sit for a minute and sure enough she comes running in. It's hard to ignore them at first, but it really seems to do the trick.
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Hello, talkingbooks!
i understand your feelings! There are my boyfriend and me living in our house, but there is also my best friend Olga there. She's living with us for sometime( long time I guess), and her vision of MY CAT is absolutely different from mine. Like, I've noticed she's trying to feed him with food from the table while she's eating( MY KITTY IS NOT ALLOWED TO DO SO!), she's playing with him with her hands, even if I told her- please, don't do so, and staff like that... I am just worried that my Simba will get used to her and all those things she is allowing him to do, and when she's gone- I am the one who's gonna have to deal with that!!!! I don't want that..also, when my kitty is running off my hands and runing to HER- ....I know it's all selfish and I am working on that..besides, kitty loves me, I know, and more I love him, more he will return...just have to be patient and take it easy I guess, talkingbook!
Good luck!
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I had Fred's twin brother for 7 years, and he decided he wanted a new home. He went to live with the little old lady down the street. I hated to lose my kitty, but the lady really needed a companion, so I was kind of glad he fell in love with her. He was not very loving with us, but he became her lap baby. When she passed away several years later, her daughter took him, and the last I heard was still living and doing well. He is 16 now.
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