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Stella might be ill?

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I am new to this and I am hoping to get some kitty advice! We have had our cat Stella for about 6 months now and she has been wonderful! She typically eats well, plays and sleeps well. She has the occasional hair ball but nothing major. This morning however, she vomitted a couple of times. Sometimes it is clear but sometimes it is a little darker and with some semi-digested food particles. When I first got up I didn't realize it and she was all over me to feed her (which is very Stella-like). It was only after I got her food ready that I noticed the throw up in the bathroom. Is it normal for a cat to vomit from time to time? Is there anything I can give her to help her tummy?
Thanks - Amy
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Some cat breeds have problems with regurgitation, Siamese come to mind, but there are others. When you say dark do you suspect blood coming up? If so I would take Stella to the vet. Cats are gulpers and to slow her down so she doesn't inhale her food you can raise her bowl off the ground, an old telephone book works wonders for that. She also could be wormy- or just have an upset tummy. I would watch her closely for signs of dehydration- you can do the pinch test to see if she needs fluids-

Gently pinch the scruff of her neck and pull it up gently. Release and watch it as it goes down. It should return to normal in a matter of seconds, it is stays *tented up* kitty needs a vet quickly.

Also have you switched her foods recently?
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Thanks for your quick response!! I don't think its blood - I think it was just a bit dark because of the food particles. I have been feeding her the same brand of wet food - but switch the flavor daily - maybe she didn't like the Turkey and Giblets flavor! She also gets Science Diet dry -which she loves. I am at work but my husband is home with her and he said she has been at her water dish so she is drinking and I don't think she is dehydrated. She is strickly an indoor cat so I can't imagine that she would have been exposed to anything out of the ordinary. What might make her "wormy"?

thanks for your help!
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