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The Boys

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Here are some current pics of my boys. There is also a shameless plug for my foster cat who is available for adoption.

I'm currently fostering a black cat for a woman from work. He's absolutely gorgeous with medium length fur and a fluffy tail. He has the greatest purrsonality and has to be involved in everything you do.

If anyone is interested in adopting him, please contact me. Here are some photos of him and his "foster" brothers.

Aren't I handsome and don't you LOVE my tail??!!!

Look into my eyes and be mesmerized

Aren't I the gentleman?...

...well, maybe not

Here's Ike, he's also a foster cat. Him and I love chasing each other up and down the stairs. Ike would also like to find a forever home. [Hint] [Hint] Don't you think we go well together?

Here's all of us together and believe me, this is a rare moment. From left to right is Taz (orange/white) being squeezed by Salem (black). These two are best buddies. Next is me (Bubba) and then Ike (buff/white). We're just starting to have some nice weather here in MA and foster mom opened the door for the first time this season.

Here's another one of us. Something caught our attention.

Dinner time!!!!!! That's me on the right.

Hope you enjoyed our pictures, especially mine!!!
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Oh they are all so sweet. I love looking at cat pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.
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Aww they are all sooooo cute . I wish you luck finding fur ever homes fo the cats .
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I'm sure you will find loving homes for those gorgeous cats. Wish I lived near enough to be the one
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Thank you for all the compliments on my boys.

Bubba is only 1 1/2 years old and is quite the clown. He loves playing hide and seek and then jumping out on the unsuspecting victim (usually me). The other morning I'm in the shower and Taz is sitting on the side of the tub watching me (I have absolutely no privacy) and Bubba is playing with the shower curtain. He dives for the curtain because it moved not realizing that Taz is what made it move. Taz goes flying into the tub with a big THUD! I couldn't stop laughing at the expression on Taz's face, like "What the h*ll??!!". I can't sit on the toilet without Bubba acting as a lap warmer. Did I mention I have no privacy?

My other foster, Ike, is 4 years old and has been with me for 14 months. He was extremely terrified of people and it has taken him a long time to come around. He'll need a special home where his new family will understand his special needs and continue with his socialization. He is my alarm clock in the morning. If I don't get up after a few minutes of the alarm going off, he will keep walking on me until I get up. He still can't bring himself to rub against my legs, but if I'm sitting down he will head butt my head. I think the greatest moment with him is when he curled up in my lap and fell asleep. I love when he sleeps in my lap and starts twitching away as he chases after something in his dreams. He is a special kitty.

Bubba and Ike would make someone very happy. [another shameless plug]
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I think you should just keep 'em! They're too cute to give away!!
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PumpkiCoki - That kind of thinking would get me into serious trouble.

I enjoy fostering but feel that 4 cats is just right in my size home. I can't adopt every cute face if I want to continue to foster. Now, if I move to a bigger house....
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I hope you find homes for them, they're both beautiful.
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They are all stunning
Love 'foster cat's' beautiful coat
Hope he finds a wonderful home
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-Love the took some nice ones...the cats are cute...
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Bubba is a beautiful kittty. They are all very pretty. I'm sending prayers that Bubba and Ike find there forever home.

Lisa & Sash
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Bubba is gorgeous! He looks just like my kitty, Zeus!

Pssst... I think you should keep him!
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Originally Posted by Crazy-Cat-Lover
Bubba is gorgeous! He looks just like my kitty, Zeus!

Pssst... I think you should keep him!
I totally agree!

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So pretty all of them.
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3BlackCats and Crazy-Cat-Lover - Quit it you guys!!!

I heard the keepum fairy batting her wings this morning as Bubba was trying to grab the running water in the bathroom sink and I was trying to brush my teeth and laugh at the same time. You're not helping the battle between my head and my and my heart does NOT need a cheering section right now because it will take full advantage of it.

I received an email last night from someone who is interested in him and my heart did a flip flop. My head emailed them the adoption application form but my heart is keeping its fingers (veins?) crossed that it doesn't hear back.

Oh jeez, I'm in trouble.
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Who couldn't fall in love with him!
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okay - I know its not the right place to ask this question so I apologise in advance but how do you get those images to look like that and have a comment at the bottom of each?
I attached some images and they came out real small and next to each other not underneath each other

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If I may reply...In order to get the images to apear like that the photos need to be hosted on a website and inserted using the [IMG] tag. It works a little bit differently than adding a picture as an attachment. If you're using the advanced reply feature you'd hit the insert image button on the toolbar (the icon with the mountains on it). It will then ask for the web address where the photo currently resides. Simply copy and paste the http:// info and it will create the code for you. The code will look something like this:

[IMAGE...will actually just say IMG but that will display an error if I actually type it here][/IMG]
I have hit the Enter key and I'm typing my caption here.

[IMAGE...will actually just say IMG but that will display an error if I actually type it here][/IMG]
I have hit the Enter key again and I'm typing my 2nd caption here.

It will then look like this:

This is our dog Hope as a puppy.

Mother Nature's Fireworks on the 4th of July.

Hope this helps!
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