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8 week old kittens have left home.

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Timmy and Tiny went to their new home today. They went to a friend of mine who lives a couple of suburbs away. Timmy is now named Sooty and Tiny is now named Tabitha. This pic was taken with their new mum's mobile phone.

She says they are playful, happy and snuggly and Sooty fell asleep on her partner's tummy after she went to work. I think these two are going to be very spoilt!

Can you believe these are the same two tiny, tiny premature babies?

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OMG how cute are those little button noses!

So pleased they have a new home and to also get spoilt!!.

Did you cry when they left?. I would have been no good if it were me
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No, I was very good! I have other kittens at the moment so I'm giving them extra cuddles to make up for Sooty and Tabitha being gone. I really bonded with these two, more than any other kittens I've had, probably because they needed such intensive care in the beginning.
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Awwww at least knowing their with a friend you can still have updates and pictures
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Aw ... they are so precious ... seeing these pics are about to make my cry ... because it's making me think about Lil when he was so tiny (got him at 1 day old) and how precious and vulnerable and adorable they are at that age. They are both so cute, and now they have a good home where they will get spoiled (as all cats should be) and they will be happy. Thanks for sharing your pics, they made me smile too ... because now Lil is all grown up and a healthy great baby for me and my family.
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Aaawww so cute. More kitties too. Bet they keep you busy
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Awww, they're precious! I'm so glad your friend took both kitties! I feel bad when only one is selected out of a litter. If I ever could, I think I'd take the whole litter home with me!!
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I am beyond impressed that you have worked your magic yet again and under your love and attention these preemies that didn't have much of a chance to begin with not only survived, but they thrived!

I am glad they were adopted out together, as they will have each other for company. Kudos my friend for a job beyond well done!

Now where is that article you keep promising me????
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Oh, Tania! They are just gorgeous!!! I'm so glad these two have a wonderful home. They are such little fighters, survivors to have made it from being abandoned preemies to the healthy and happy kittens they are today. You have done such an amazing job with them!!!! I just can't even begin to tell you how impressed I am with what you have done for these two especially, and all the orphans you have raised.
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Congratulations on doing such a great job. What a difference you have made to their lives! I'm glad they haven't gone far you'll have to visit them often (and take your camera)
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Gorgeous- and what a great job you did with them
(another Vegemite lover from Down Under!)
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Those little sweetnesses are just too gorgeous -- and to think they hardly had a chance!! Kudos to you for your work with these itsy-bitsies -- and how wonderful that they are together in a home you know, and where you'll be able to stay in touch! (And keep US in touch -- hee hee! pics!)
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