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Poor oscar !

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My poor Oscar had to be rushed to the vet today. His bladder (??) was blocked. She said it was huge and he could have died !

Obviously I need to change his (and the rest of my cats) diets. I am feeding them Purina One but I guess I need something even better. Any suggestions ?

I feel so bad. They love their food and their tuna.
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Wow you are very lucky. Can you tell me what were the symptoms? It's good to be aware of things like this. Also, I wouldnt feed tuna on a regular basis..

I feed my guys Innova dry and Nutro wet. It's also good to give them some wet food because it has water in it and they need water to help avoid urinary infections and blockages.

I hope your kitty comes out ok!
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Don't be so quick to change the diet just yet. The best thing to do is ask your vet if they think a diet change is even necessary, and if so, which food would they recomend. Even though urinary blockage can be caused by diet, there's different foods for different problems. Urinary blockage can also "just happen", as well as happen because of illness or stress.
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My Bandit died of a urinary blockage (mind you this has been fifteen years, but I still remember it and feel occasional pangs of guilt). We had been feeding everyone Purina Cat Chow, and the vet had us switch to Science Diet to help clear him up (I'm still not sure if this was the best on the market at the time, or if it was just the best available in our small town) and after feeding five cats on it for six weeks, we were strapped for cash and thought he was better so we went back to Purina. Within two weeks, Bandit disappeared. Two days later I was wandering our property and stumbled across his lifeless body in a small stream, eyes open and staring. At fourteen this scared me nearly to death. I know that he wandered off to die, and I know that the only change we made was in his diet.

I've learned soooo much from everyone here about quality pet food, and the difference a couple dollars can make in your pet's life. I wouldn't DARE feed my kitty anything from a supermarket knowing what I know now.
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My poor Hercules had a blockage, which was successfully cleared. He was already on Waltham's renal support diet because of his bad kidneys, and the vet said that it was best to leave him on that. I too think maybe the vet is the best one to advise you about diet. I feed all mine on Iams now but give them wet food and coley fish in between. I am hoping coley fish is OK! They love it. Hercules was allowed to eat rice and mixed veg. before he became very ill and he liked that.
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