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Is that a Cat, or a CAT?

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Here's one y'all can share a snicker over.........

A while back, I was cruisin' along in my Freightliner - cruise control set on the speed limit, as usual - passing a long string of 'fixed' fleet trucks on a long upgrade (one of my favorite pastimes, since buying my own truck that WILL actually DO the speed limit).

One of the drivers came on the CB radio as I blew past him, "Dang! What you got in that thing?"

Pounce was scratching in her box at the time, which gave me a sudden inspiration. I told him, truthfully, "It's got a Detroit and a Kitty Kat."

A long pause - a few random mutterings - and finally another one comes back with "I ain't never heeared of a setup like that - a Detroit AND a Kitty Kat?"

"Yup," I said. "Got a nicely tuned big Detroit Diesel under the hood, and a 20-pound Cat here beside me. Point them at a hill, and they both go to scratchin'."

I always figured that every Trucker clearly knows the difference between a Cat and a CAT. For this group, it took a while, with some extended explanation, for some of them to finally understand that the 'Kitty Kat' in my truck is indeed a Cat, and NOT a CATerpillar.......

(One actually asked me for the specs on 'the new 20-pound Caterpillar engine'. And I started with, "Well, for starters, it ain't Yellow. It runs on Purina. It leaves a lot of hair in its wake. It's got 4 paws and 18 claws.....")
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I would have loved to hear that converstation!!
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Me To!!

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LOL! Me three!
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What a hoot!!
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ha ha - I too would of liked to of heard that one
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I love a sense of humor,and it sounds like the big boys can take a joke. Maybe more truckers will get "Cat" back up LOL.
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LOL That's great!
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me too...that's funny.
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