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More Ragdoll Questions

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I'm sorry if I am asking too many questions here, but my fiance and I really want to adopt a Ragoll from a rescue group, so bear with me

1. Do Ragolls in general get along with other cats? Our four female Siamese cats get along with EVERYONE...even dogs, so I'm not worried about how they will react. I know ragdolls are pretty placid kitties.

2. Do Ragolls have any special medical concerns that we should be aware of?

3. We were told that the best thing to do would be to get a male kitten, because our four female Adults (one is 9 years old, and the others are all two years old) would accept a cat of the oposite sex more readily than they would a cat of the same sex, and he should be a kitten so there aren't any "dominance" or "territory" issues. Is this true? My problem with this is that I think we should adopt an adult, since sometimes people overlook them in the face of all that kitten cuteness.

4. I know that Ragdolls are placid. Does this mean they don't like to play with other cats or with their humans?

5. OK...I'm sorry if these last two are dumb...do Ragdolls meow? I was told they only purr and can't meow but how is that possible? Are they like the Basenji dogs, which can't bark but can cry?

6. I was told most Ragdolls are deaf. Is that true?

sorry about the last two questions, but I think it is important for Zach and I to know everything before we adopt so that our Ragdoll will be healthy and happy.
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Here's a few answers:
1) yes they meow, most I've met have a nice soft voice, and seem to chirp a bit
2) I'm not aware of them having any hearing problems
3) they like to play, with people and cats, they just aren't as hyper as the more active breeds, such as your siamese

Hope this helps!
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